City Of Peace East Meets West The Dream Of The Spiritual Is Ra El

City Of Peace East Meets West The Dream Of The Spiritual Is Ra El

The One Integrated Spirit (IS) as​ the spiritual IS-Ra-EL (Zion: The Core of​ the Universal Mind) has been trying desperately to​ unify His children (all the individuals of​ mankind) around the perception of​ One-ness for the length of​ this Creation, always hoping to​ gather them from their exile from Himself. sHe has made a​ protective connection for the third time in​ the history of​ this Creation between the Eternally unified JeruShalem (The One: Unity Itself) above and the manifested earthly JeruShalem (ancient Hebrew name for Jerusalem) of​ the City below, as​ the capital of​ an​ earthly IS-Ra-El, in​ an​ attempt to​ manifest the Holy of​ Holies of​ unity, love, and kindness, within the inner and outer Dream of​ this Creation. in​ that act he desires to​ project a​ sense of​ unified completion and perfection as​ Shalem (completion in​ unity, perfection, and peace in​ Hebrew) as​ the individual self reunites with the totality of​ the Universal Self, feeling within and expressing without the Peace of​ God manifested as​ outer peace (Shalom in​ Hebrew and Salaam in​ Arabic).

There can be no real outer peace without this inner process of​ unification.

This is​ the third and final trial at​ setting a​ permanent point of​ connection between the Heavenly Zion and its manifestation in​ Creation as​ mankind through the JeruShalem below. The hope is​ that the battling children of​ Abraham will reunite and see themselves as​ the brothers they really are, originating all from the same Soul, and that this unity will then pervade the rest of​ the One soul, the One mind, operating as​ Mankind. The eternal battle in​ the Mind between the tendency to​ unify and the tendency to​ divide is​ being epitomized within Zion and its symbolic connection as​ the earthly JeruShalem, drawing the full focus of​ the world's attention. This is​ not a​ coincidence. Real Power originates from concentrating upon the notion of​ the One and upon the One - upon the notion of​ integration, unity, brotherhood, and its manifestation as​ love. All other forms of​ competitive separation and man-made power structures are but mere illusion allowed to​ operate, for a​ while, within the shadows expressing darkness. at​ the level of​ the One, might does not rule, only truth does.

The heavenly archetype being played out here is​ in​ the expression and realization of​ the real Divine protection and strength provided when the focus of​ attention is​ on the concept of​ unity around the Original Unmanifested Truth: The One, and Its hopes for reconciliation and peace within all of​ Its sacred parts. it​ opposes the concept of​ Ego (Gog) based division, elitism, and transient man-made power. it​ transcends the restricted awareness of​ organized and tinted worshiping systems that proclaim, as​ they should, divine acceptance, love and unity, but often project misguidedly fear, hatred and violent intolerance of​ others, up to​ now. The One Life force that flows into all of​ us would never call for recognition at​ the expense of​ other parts of​ Itself. Only man could miscomprehend and misdirect.

Were the symbolic unity of​ the earthly JeruShalem be compromised in​ any which way (and there are many desperate and feverish attempts within this Matrix to​ do so now), the connection between the Heavenly realm and the earthly one would be irreversibly damaged and severed, and this whole Creation would sadly enter again a​ new dark age of​ unsupervised destruction and suffering, possibly culminating in​ its total devibration from the One Mind within the next century.

The One, the Holy One, promises His land to​ whomever He deems worthy of​ it. We cannot own the Real Estate of​ the One (Earth). We are only entitled to​ a​ lease on it. The Earth was and is​ His, and as​ such we should respect, cherish and be the responsible stewards of​ this sacred gift. it​ is​ His decision to​ bestow it​ to​ whomever sHe chooses, and for how long as​ sHe chooses.

So it​ is​ for Israel, and so it​ is​ and will be shown very soon for all the inhabitants of​ this planet Earth. Israel is​ only His first and symbolic case in​ point.

All of​ the Land on Earth will soon only be a​ "promised land" to​ whomever sHe chooses to​ hand it​ over to. No human government or​ body will make that decision. The Earth will focus Her infinite power and fury against the children that have pillaged, wounded, and deeply violated Her in​ their quest for power, strife and ownership of​ Her freely bestowed resources. Without thanksgiving. Without consideration for the One Life force flowing into all and everything. Dangerously threatening the sustaining balance that sHe tries to​ maintain for this and all future generations.

The One forms the many that remain nevertheless but One. The many do not form the One. at​ the level of​ the many, fear and separation always manifest somehow as​ long as​ Creation and the notion of​ two is​ manifested within the Unmanifest (One). in​ our case, greatly so. The primary source of​ evil is​ in​ the mistaken belief that Source does not care about fear (expressed within this very shadowy Creation as​ a​ strong tendency to​ separate from, forcibly exclude and control) and is​ only remotely experimenting on-line and then analyzing/learning afterwards. This ultimate misinformation given to​ the many, as​ a​ test, in​ order to​ have them believe that they have total free will and will not be interfered is​ about to​ be undone-in a​ big way.

Source can allow Itself to​ have free will too. sHe never went into forced retirement or​ nothingness for eons of​ time, even though man seems to​ want to​ believe so and impose his accepted versions and interpretations of​ representation.

In order for the shadow (mankind) to​ believe that it​ was the total master of​ its fate and the Gods of​ its Creation, Light had to​ allow darkness to​ express its power and believe in​ the misconception of​ it​ being able to​ repel Light- for a​ very long dark period. Nevertheless, in​ the end, all Light has to​ do is​ light up the abode, and darkness disappears in​ the reunification of​ the One. One way or​ another.

This is​ the answer. See things in​ an​ inverted way. From One into the many. Not reversed. The One Awareness cannot be unaware. Otherwise, the parts that it​ takes away concentration from just disappear from within the recesses of​ Its Creative Imagination.

There is​ very much the hope that all of​ mankind will soon be able to​ rejoin the feeling of​ completion and real inner peace that the merging with Higher Self will bring as​ the notion of​ The One is​ experienced at​ all levels. And that, consequently, outer peace and abundance will eternally be manifested to​ all, without exception, when a​ portal to​ the higher "Matrix,": The Matrix of​ Zion, with more Creative free will and less restrictive bondage, will be opened to​ the remnant gathered chosen ones that have integrated this mode of​ thinking, and they will all enter this new Eternal Promised Land of​ "The One" where joy and peace will reign for eternity.

This is​ All.

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