Citibusiness Card With Thank You Network

Citibusiness Card With Thank You Network

CitiBusiness Card With Thank You Network
Citibank has been offering great services to​ its 200 million customers all over the​ world .​
It has been able to​ understand their needs and​ caters with great proficiency to​ its wide client base - right from the​ frequent travelers to​ business personnel and​ students.
The CitiBusiness Card with Thank You Network is​ formulated to​ provide rewards to​ the​ small business owners for​ make use of​ this card .​
The card can prove to​ be an​ enjoyable experience for​ the​ cardholder.
The Card and​ Its Benefits
Each time you pay with this card, you will earn bonus points that can be redeemed for​ travel, retail and​ other gift certificates .​
Your first purchase will help you gain 10000 bonus points so that you can begin your business in​ a​ great way.
You will also gain access to​ a​ credit line that will help you purchase all the​ items you require for​ business .​
For spending one dollar on business purchases with your CitiBusiness Card with Thank You Network, you will acquire three points .​
You can earn a​ maximum of​ 100000 reward points per year (that become invalid after three years), enabling you to​ save for​ some great rewards.
Some Other Advantages
Besides earning points, you also stand to​ being benefited by other privileges like a​ personal assistant service for​ making travel plans and​ dinner reservations, online banking, a​ reasonable annual percentage rate (APR) and​ no annual fee .​
The interest rates for​ both purchases as​ well as​ balance transfers are competitive .​
There is​ a​ 0% introductory rate on balance transfers for​ the​ duration of​ twelve months.
The card also permits you to​ go through the​ business articles that are posted online when you view your account .​
This can be a​ fabulous learning experience .​
The CitiBusiness Card with Thank You Network can be a​ rewarding experience in​ more ways than one .​
The card enables you to​ pay all your bills, manages your expenses and​ even rewards you for​ your efforts by giving a​ small part of​ your expenses back.
You can also avail of​ a​ number of​ platinum level credit card benefits, like car rental insurance, advanced fraud-protection and​ $1 million travel accident insurance for​ self and​ family .​
The card also provides travel benefits, such as​ emergency card and​ cash replacement, lost luggage coverage and​ zero liability for​ the​ unauthorized purchases.
Additional Perks
Similar to​ most of​ the​ other credit cards, the​ CitiBusiness Card with Thank You Network provides you access to​ many Internet account related services, lost and​ stolen card reporting, purchase protection and​ personal business assistant.
The card also provides the​ cardholder with benefits, such as​ quarterly and​ end of​ the​ year financial statements, automatic bill payments, medical as​ well as​ legal referral services, a​ number of​ travel and​ emergency assistant services and​ many more facilities.

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