Citi Drivers Edge Card For College Students

Citi Drivers Edge Card For College Students

Citi Driver's Edge Card for College Students
Citibank is​ an​ esteemed company known to​ offer numerous financial services including various kinds of​ credit cards with reasonable charges and attractive reward programs .​
The Citi Driver’s Edge Card for College Students, specifically dedicated to​ college students, walks more or​ less in​ the same direction.
This Citi card lends you the opportunity through which you can build your own credit history .​
It can be an​ ideal card for you, if​ you wish to​ earn rebates on the purchase of​ a​ new, leased or​ used car (any model, whether a​ domestic-car or​ a​ foreign-made car), each time you use the card to​ make a​ purchase.
Basic Feature
Coming to​ the essential features of​ the Citi Driver's Edge Card, you will find some the following:
§ The card offers a​ 0% introductory APR for first 6 months on balance transfers, purchases, and cash advances .​
Also the card is​ annual fee-free
Rewards Program
With the Citi Driver’s Edge Card for College Students in​ your pocket, you have exciting rewards waiting for you .​
Take a​ look at​ the ways through which you can earn them:
§ You can earn upto $1000 in​ rebates toward a​ vehicle during any twelve consecutive months
§ The card offers you 3% rebates at​ drugstores, gas stations or​ grocery stores .​
You will be able to​ exchange these points while buying a​ car.
§ a​ rebate of​ 1% is​ allowed on all other purchases.
§ Rebates are also allowed for the number of​ miles you drive and the rebates you get are available at​ a​ rate of​ $0.01 per mile driven.
§ There is​ an​ upper limit of​ $5000 per vehicle to​ the rebates that you are allowed to​ redeem.
§ Keep in​ mind if​ you do not use your rebates, they expire in​ five years.
This rewards program with Citi Driver's Edge Card for College Students provides you the much need assistance after graduation when you think of​ buying a​ car.
Special Benefits
Apart from the excellent rebates’ reward program, the Citi Driver’s Edge Card for college students, also allows you good savings by means of​ 25% discount and free shipping at​ Peterson’s (a leading bookstore and educational/career advisory body).
Other Advantages From The Card
If you have Citi Driver's Edge Card for College Students, you can make your purchases with full confidence as​ this card offers you the following:
§ Online Guarantee – Your account number is​ kept in​ full confidence .​
If there are some unauthorized online transactions through your card, you will never be held responsible for that.
§ Fraud Early Warning Block – On observing any unusual activity on your card, activities will be temporarily stopped until it​ is​ confirmed that you have authorized the charges.
§ The Lost Wallet Service – Your Citibank credit card will be replaced within 24 hours of​ being lost or​ stolen and you will also be assisted with emergency cash and helped to​ recover lost or​ stolen documents including airline tickets.
§ Photocard – This adds to​ the security of​ your card, as​ your picture and signature lies on the front of​ your card.
Apart from these facilities, you are also entitled to​ optional personal photo, upto $1000000 in​ travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance, various travel and emergency assistance services, along with Legal and Medical referral services.

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