Ciscos Catalyst 6500 Remains The Network Switch To Beat

Ciscos Catalyst 6500 Remains The Network Switch To Beat

Cisco's Catalyst 6500 Remains the​ Network Switch To Beat
San Francisco, California October 10, 2018: Following a​ lackluster Q3, Cisco Systems emerges as​ the​ leader in​ the​ 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Market for​ the​ fourth quarter .​
Fueled by increased demand and​ an​ overall rise in​ the​ average selling price, Cisco experienced significant gains in​ a​ market of​ over $300 Million.
With almost 70% of​ the​ projected $1.3 Billion 10-Gig market share and​ a​ more powerful, yet affordable design, the​ Catalyst 6500 is​ poised to​ cement Cisco as​ the​ dominating force in​ the​ industry .​
With the​ recent release of​ an​ eight-port, 10-Gigabit Ethernet module for​ the​ 6500, Cisco is​ quickly pulling away from the​ rest of​ the​ pack .​
In addition, upgrades like the​ Application Control Engine (ACE) module have prompted companies like Pure Video Networks to​ adopt Cisco switches to​ manage traffic of​ their popular video websites .​
Implementing simultaneous data center services such as​ server load balancing, integrated network and​ application switching/security, the​ ACE module delivers the​ highest performance in​ the​ industry .​
The ACE Simplifies application infrastructure by combining the​ functionality of​ multiple application delivery appliances into a​ single module, including server load balancing and​ off-load, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, security, and​ application optimization capabilities .​
Already the​ most successful networking switch on the​ IT market, the​ 6500 Series reduces existing operational costs and​ improves a​ network's ability to​ respond to​ intensive bandwidth demands .​
In general, customers using the​ services modules for​ the​ Catalyst 6500 reduce their total cost of​ ownership by taking advantage of​ simplified infrastructure, improved investment protection, pervasive security, and​ the​ high levels of​ performance, scalability, and​ innovative technologies.
With over twenty unique service modules in​ five distinct categories, the​ Catalyst 6500 ranks among the​ most scalable, high-performance platform for​ integrated services .​
Currently, Cisco offers modules that address security issues, application, networking, network monitoring, wireless/mobility, and​ IP communications, which can be integrated into existing catalyst switches .​
Each modules offers upgraded performance and​ reinforces Cisco's hold on the​ market for​ network switches .​
With more than $20 Billion is​ sales sine it's release in​ 1999, the​ 6500 Series switch has become the​ most popular networking platform ever.
While Cisco has been able to​ fend off most threats to​ their position, rival Foundry Networks, and​ newcomer Force 10 have recently launched new 10Gbe ready products aimed at​ disrupting the​ company's market share .​
According to​ literature on Force 10's Terascale E-Series 1200, the​ E1200 boasts of​ more than double the​ ports of​ the​ Catalyst 6500 (1260 vs .​
576 Ethernet ports/chassis) .​
While this may be good news for​ the​ company, Force 10 has been focused on the​ data center vertical, and​ is​ therefore still untested in​ the​ enterprise market .​
Foundry's BigIron RX series switch has received favorable press for​ it's size/performance ratio and​ lower prices .​
With the​ launch of​ the​ new RX series, Foundry has mounted a​ consistent affront to​ Cisco's unchallenged reign.
Even with the​ competition mounting new efforts, the​ Cisco name is​ still a​ major factor among IT professionals whose networks depend on their equipment .​
Fortunately for​ the​ stalwart Cisco, reputation is​ still the​ key to​ market dominance.

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