Cinco De Mayo Cuisine Du Jour

Cinco De Mayo Cuisine Du Jour

Cinco de Mayo Cuisine du Jour
Those who live in​ the​ American southwest have experienced the​ fan fare and​ celebrations of​ Cinco de Mayo a​ little longer than perhaps many other states across the​ U .​
S .​
though the​ exposure is​ most definitely growing .​
As a​ result more and​ more people of​ various ethnicities are joining in​ the​ celebration and​ adding Cinco de Mayo to​ their list of​ favorite holidays .​
Whether it's the​ music, the​ dancing, the​ drinks, or​ the​ food that is​ most enjoyable about this holiday no one is​ really sure .​
However, when you combine them all you have a​ holiday that is​ difficult to​ match in​ gusto and​ fun .​
But for​ some of​ us, the​ food is​ most definitely the​ draw.
Mexican food is​ becoming an​ almost Americanized version of​ itself in​ many restaurants across the​ United States .​
One reason is​ because it's just that popular .​
Even small towns are beginning to​ have as​ many Mexican restaurants as​ they do Chinese or​ Italian .​
This is​ good news on one hand as​ it​ indicates a​ growing desire on behalf of​ Americans to​ try the​ cuisine of​ our neighbors .​
It has also managed to​ get us accustomed to​ the​ wonderful flavors of​ Mexican cuisines and​ we are beginning more and​ more often to​ bring these cuisines into our own homes.
If you are looking for​ some great foods to​ cook for​ your family on Cinco de Mayo then you've definitely come to​ the​ right place for​ ideas and​ inspiration .​
My personal favorite is​ spicy chicken enchiladas with cheese sauce .​
This was something I​ had never heard of​ until I​ found a​ great Mexican restaurant in​ my neck of​ the​ woods called Carlos O'Kelly's .​
It is​ now one of​ my favorite Mexican dishes of​ all times .​
It isn't easy to​ prepare however, so that is​ the​ one major drawback.
If you are looking for​ something fun and​ festive try creating a​ taco or​ fajita bar that lets everyone add their favorite ingredients to​ their tacos and/or fajitas and​ keeps the​ favorite sides such as​ black beans, refried beans, and​ Mexican rice close by to​ complement the​ meal .​
This is​ an​ excellent idea if​ you are situated in​ a​ manner that allows for​ buffet style serving of​ family, friends, and​ honored guests .​
It's a​ lot of​ fun and​ you can generally get people to​ help out or​ pitch in​ on the​ preparations and​ bringing their favorite toppings along .​
Be sure to​ have plenty of​ everything and​ refills that need to​ be chilled on ice and​ those that need to​ be kept warm in​ containers that allow for​ proper food safety.
If you need something that is​ a​ little more portable, especially if​ you have little ones that tend to​ wander around with their food, then quesadillas may be the​ perfect solution .​
They are delicious, they are easy to​ walk around with if​ you have them cut properly, they are fun to​ make and​ they do not require a​ good deal of​ difficulty in​ the​ preparation - especially if​ you make the​ $20 investment in​ a​ good quesadillas maker .​
You put one in​ at​ a​ time and​ let them cook until they are ready .​
Clean up is​ a​ snap and​ you have a​ lot of​ happy campers with full bellies.
Keep the​ music upbeat and​ Mexican inspired to​ further the​ tone of​ the​ party and​ the​ food will digest so much better if​ you get up and​ dance around a​ bit .​
Enjoy the​ spirit of​ the​ celebration .​
In other words, have fun .​
Don't spend the​ entire day in​ the​ kitchen fretting over whether you've made enough or​ if​ you need to​ make more .​
Have a​ few options available for​ one and​ all and​ leave it​ at​ that .​
If they are still hungry they can always make a​ run for​ the​ border (old Taco Bell slogan) though I'm quite certain that one and​ all will agree that your food was far superior to​ any fast food offerings in​ town.

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