Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous To Your Sexual Health

Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous To Your Sexual Health

Cigarette Smoking is​ Dangerous to​ Your Sexual health
According to​ a​ 2018 survey by the​ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,​ at​ least 22% of​ high school students in​ American smoke cigarettes everyday. in​ fact,​ even if​ the​ study indicated that smoking had already declined over the​ last four years,​ the​ statistics still show that one in​ five Americans still smoke cigarettes. a​ 2018 study revealed that more than 20% of​ adults in​ the​ United States are smokers. While smoking rates among high school students have been on​ a​ decline since 1997,​ the​ rate of​ teenagers who smoke is​ equal to,​ and in​ some cases,​ higher than that of​ adults. the​ younger the​ individuals start smoking,​ the​ more likely that they will continue smoke as​ an adult. Given these figures,​ it​ is​ not surprising that smoking is​ the​ leading cause of​ premature deaths in​ the​ United States.
The question is​ still begging to​ be asked Why do teens smoke? is​ it​ because of​ the​ influence of​ media or​ because they get the​ habit from adults who smoke? Studies show that many teenagers smoke because they were simply curious about how it​ would taste or​ feel like. Others said that they thought that smoking was a​ good method to​ achieve weightloss. Even if​ the​ warnings plastered on​ the​ cigarette box clearly says that,​ Smoking is​ dangerous to​ your health,​ this has not stopped teens from experimenting or​ taking up the​ habit of​ cigarette use.
Medical evidence suggest that cigarette smoking causes an increase in​ the​ bodys metabolic rate and may suppress appetite. But it​ is​ important to​ note that smoking tends to​ dull the​ taste buds,​ which,​ after all,​ may be the​ reason for the​ loss of​ appetite. This argument is​ somehow supported by cases of​ people who gained weight after they stopped smoking. Since their taste buds had already regained their functionality,​ the​ former smokers enjoyed their meals more and eventually gained some weigh.
Nonsmokers may have found a​ way to​ kick the​ habit but for thousands if​ not millions of​ smokers around the​ world doing away with the​ stick is​ still an ongoing struggle. the​ addiction of​ smokers to​ the​ deadly chemical called nicotine makes it​ hard for them to​ stop smoking. Nicotine dependence occurs when the​ chemicals and other cigarette substances reach the​ brain and activates the​ pleasure cells,​ producing moodaltering effects that give smokers shortterm pleasure.
The shortterm pleasure of​ smoking somehow negates the​ clear message that longterm use of​ cigarettes could possibly lead to​ lung cancer,​ emphysema,​ and heart failure. Studies also show that smoking has adverse effects on​ male and female sexual health. a​ number of​ studies show that smoking is​ related to​ the​ difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. Many toxins present in​ cigarettes especially carbon monoxide,​ can damage the​ circulatory system,​ which hinders the​ flow of​ blood in​ the​ penis which is​ necessary for erection. in​ addition,​ smoking is​ one of​ the​ major causes of​ erectile dysfunction. a​ study published in​ the​ Journal of​ Urology in​ 2000 found out that 68% of​ men with high blood pressure aged 4079 experienced erectile dysfunction. at​ least 45% of​ these cases were considered severe sexual ailments. High blood pressure in​ men may lead to​ low testosterone levels,​ which is​ a​ male hormone that plays a​ crucial role in​ the​ sexual arousal. Low testosterone levels lead to​ decreased arousal and sexual performance. Toxins found in​ cigarettes may also harm the​ testes. Smoking may affect the​ semen and the​ sperm,​ reducing their mobility and quality. Men who smoke tend to​ have lower sperm counts and malformed sperms than their nonsmoking counterparts.
Many substance founds in​ cigarettes may harm the​ ovaries,​ studies show that women who smoke or​ have smoked in​ the​ past may encounter difficulties getting pregnant with the​ chances of​ conceiving being decreased by up to​ 40% for each menstrual cycle. the​ longer a​ woman smokes,​ the​ more difficult it​ would be for her to​ get pregnant. the​ effects of​ smoking on​ sexual health have been taken for granted since the​ focus of​ previous studies have been on​ the​ ill effects of​ smoking on​ the​ cardiovascular system. Understanding the​ adverse effects of​ smoking on​ ones sexual health may become a​ motivation for many to​ quit smoking. Joining a​ program that helps people quit smoking; and consulting a​ doctor about medications that reduce the​ craving to​ smoke may also help. Others succeed by using alternative methods like hypnosis. Although it​ may be a​ very hard habit to​ break,​ quitting smoking is​ one of​ the​ best things people can do to​ improve their sex lives and their overall health.

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