Christmas Tree Selection Guide

Before you select the perfect Christmas tree, consider a​ little planning to​ make room for your special guest. Choose the best area in​ your room for the tree, which would include a​ spot that is​ close to​ an​ electrical outlet. When you plug in​ your lights, you won’t want a​ cord running along your floor, which could cause someone to​ trip and fall. There are so many things to​ think about when choosing a​ tree to​ celebrate your holidays. Do I want real or​ artificial? Should I buy pre-lit or​ plain? a​ few knowledgeable tips will guide you in​ the right direction.

Christmas Tree Tip #1: Artificial or​ Real

The first step is​ to​ decide whether you want a​ real or​ artificial tree. an​ artificial tree is​ beneficial to​ anyone who has allergies, but also if​ you just want to​ know that your tree will last for years. Artificial trees are nice because they do not have to​ be thrown out every year and they are always the same size and a​ perfect fit. On the other hand, there’s nothing like the smell of​ a​ real Christmas tree. With real trees, there is​ a​ greater risk of​ fire and also the need to​ keep them hydrated regularly. a​ real Christmas tree requires a​ lot of​ maintenance and, if​ you’re not up to​ it, an​ artificial may be the way to​ go.

Christmas Tree Tip #2: Will it​ Fit?

When selecting the perfect Christmas tree, choose one that will fit best in​ your home. Measure the spot for your tree before you go out shopping and keep those numbers close at​ hand. After you select an​ area in​ your home, measure the distance from your floor to​ the roof, along with the width of​ the space. Take a​ tape measure when you go to​ pick out your tree and make sure it​ will fit in​ the spot you chose.

Christmas Tree Tip #3: is​ it​ Healthy?

If you’re looking for a​ live tree, check the limbs to​ make sure they are nice and green. Also, look for any brown needles, which may be a​ sign of​ a​ tree that has not been freshly cut. a​ tree that is​ too dry could be a​ fire hazard, so watch out for any signs of​ needle loss or​ other symptoms of​ a​ damaged tree. You will want to​ choose one that looks healthy and full with beautiful branches, which will look festive when decorated. if​ you’re planning to​ load the tree onto your car, place a​ protective sheet down on the top before adding the tree. This will protect your car from scratches, or​ sap, on the way home. Make sure that you choose a​ strong rope to​ secure the tree to​ your car.

Christmas Tree Tip #4: Picking the Right Color

If you are buying a​ real tree, they only come in​ one color. But, if​ you are buying an​ artificial tree, you have the alternate option of​ white. While white Christmas trees are not as​ traditional as​ the green, there is​ something to​ be said for their beauty. Consider a​ white tree with blue lights, blue ornaments and white garland. a​ white Christmas tree is​ classic and stunning, especially with the right combination of​ decorations.

Christmas Tree Tip #5: Prelit or​ Plain?

Another advantage to​ artificial trees is​ that they are available in​ pre-lit designs. This saves decorating time and ensures that the lights are always perfectly spaced. Additionally, if​ you don’t feel up to​ wrapping the lights around the tree yourself, a​ pre-lit tree allows you to​ enjoy the beauty of​ Christmas without the work of​ decorating.

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