Christmas Spirit Do You Possess The True Spirit Of Christmas

While for so many people this holiday season is​ about rampant commercialism, keeping up with the Joneses and rushing to​ keep up with a​ hectic schedule, we should all jump off the speed train and take time to​ not only appreciate the true meaning of​ Christmas but also to​ embrace the true spirit of​ Christmas.

Emotionally this is​ a​ difficult time of​ year for so many. Depression and anger drive up the rates of​ suicide and domestic violence. Stress builds upon stress to​ destroy the holiday cheer of​ many.

The underlying problem for so many people is​ that they focus all their energy on what they do not have rather than embracing what they do have -- that is​ what Christmas spirit is​ all about.

Whether or​ not you are an​ ardent Christian, if​ you live in​ the Western World then you know that the true meaning of​ Christmas is​ to​ celebrate the birth of​ Christ. The Christ child is​ a​ symbol of​ love, light, hope and peace that makes this such a​ joyful season for true believers. However, even among the believers, there are some for which this message is​ not enough to​ overcome the depression, anger and stress of​ the season.

That is​ why it​ is​ so important to​ embrace the true meaning of​ Christmas. You need to​ reach down within yourself to​ find the spirit of​ Christmas. in​ order to​ embrace the true Christmas spirit you must be willing to​ give. Give of​ yourself, your time and your love, and give of​ your worldly possessions. Do not think of​ the gifts you give to​ others as​ an​ obligation or​ duty, but think of​ it​ as​ a​ symbol of​ your love for them. While no gift can accurately reflect the love we feel for those who are near and dear to​ us, we can show them that they matter by spending time and thought to​ create or​ select a​ gift with meaning.

My son likes to​ make his gifts and spends a​ long time designing and then creating these items. Granted, we could have bought a​ sweatshirt with "world's best grandpa" printed on by a​ factory, but I expect that his grandfathers will cherish the shirts he designed himself and then created with fabric paint -- misspellings, oddly-formed pictures and all. if​ you are struggling with your Christmas spirit then perhaps you should avoid the mall entirely this season and find a​ different way to​ give?

Embracing the spirit of​ Christmas also means giving to​ those beyond our immediate sphere as​ well, especially those most in​ need. Obviously it​ is​ easy to​ throw some money in​ a​ Salvation Army collection, and that is​ certainly worth doing, but if​ your Christmas spirit needs a​ boost then perhaps you should try something more hands-on.

Local churches, schools, and charitable organizations can usually give you a​ list of​ opportunities to​ give and help. For example, through my church we have taken up a​ shoebox collection (creating an​ assortment of​ holiday gifts that will fit into a​ plastic shoebox and then are shipped to​ need children overseas) and bought coats and clothing for needy children in​ our community. I helped wrap the coats and clothing as​ well as​ contributed to​ both campaigns and it​ did wonders for making me appreciate what I possess.

Embrace the spirit of​ Christmas and find the true meaning of​ the season to​ bring more joy and happiness into your life.

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