Christmas Shopping For Your Boss

Christmas Shopping For Your Boss

Christmas Shopping for​ Your Boss
Christmas shopping for​ your boss can be a​ difficult situation .​
First of​ all purchasing a​ Christmas gift for​ your superiors at​ work is​ considered to​ be somewhat of​ a​ faux pas unless the​ gift is​ being purchased by a​ group of​ employees .​
While giving Christmas gifts to​ subordinates is​ generally an​ accepted practice, gifts from individuals to​ a​ boss can be viewed as​ an​ attempt to​ gain advantages such as​ promotions or​ favorable projects or​ treatments .​
As a​ result care should always be taken when giving Christmas gifts to​ a​ boss .​
This article will take a​ look at​ situations in​ which giving a​ Christmas gift to​ your boss is​ acceptable and​ will offer tips for​ Christmas shopping for​ your boss.
While an​ individual giving a​ Christmas gift to​ the​ boss is​ not an​ accepted practice it​ is​ acceptable for​ a​ group of​ employees to​ purchase a​ joint gift for​ their boss .​
As an​ example, a​ boss who oversees the​ work of​ a​ small group of​ employees may receive a​ gift from this small group collectively and​ this would be considered appropriate .​
In this way the​ gift is​ viewed as​ a​ gesture of​ appreciate from the​ members of​ the​ group and​ not an​ attempt by one of​ the​ members to​ gain favorable treatment .​
However, even in​ this acceptable situation, Christmas shopping for​ your boss could be quite difficult .​
The first area of​ concern when Christmas shopping for​ your boss is​ setting a​ budget .​
If you are shopping for​ a​ gift from a​ large group of​ people, it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ collect the​ money first and​ then use the​ amount collected to​ set the​ budget for​ the​ gift .​
You may ask for​ a​ small amount of​ money, typically around $5-$10 from each person and​ once the​ money is​ collected you can search for​ items which fall within your budget .​
You should not exceed the​ amount of​ money you collected because it​ is​ not considered acceptable to​ ask for​ additional money if​ you had promised to​ stay within budget .​
Most people have a​ great deal of​ shopping to​ do and​ being asked to​ contribute additional money can be somewhat of​ a​ hardship for​ them .​
However, it​ is​ considered acceptable to​ spend a​ little less than the​ budget as​ long as​ you refund the​ remaining money equally to​ everyone who has contributed .​
For example if​ you spend $20 less than you collected from 20 people, you should return $1 to​ each person who contributed .​
If you are the​ person shopping for​ the​ Christmas present you may have to​ exercise some common sense and​ make judgment calls if​ necessary .​
For example if​ you collect $120 and​ purchase an​ item which costs $121.04, including tax, you may opt to​ simply pay the​ additional amount yourself if​ you are able to​ do so .​
The additional amount is​ quite small and​ if​ the​ gift is​ appropriate, it​ might be worthwhile to​ incur this small expense for​ the​ sake of​ purchasing a​ perfect gift which is​ within your budget.
Christmas shopping for​ a​ boss can also be rather difficult because you may not know what to​ buy for​ your boss .​
If you are not particularly close to​ your boss and​ do not often socialize with him you may not know a​ great deal about his interests .​
In this case it​ might be a​ good idea to​ either ask someone who knows him better to​ do the​ Christmas shopping or​ at​ least ask them to​ provide you with a​ few gift ideas .​
Other employees may know the​ boss better because they have worked with him longer or​ because they participate in​ activities such as​ company softball games with him .​
In either case, they can probably provide you with some insight into his interests which would help you select a​ gift he will appreciate .​
If you are unable to​ come up with a​ suitable gift idea, a​ gift certificate to​ a​ local restaurant is​ always an​ appropriate, and​ appreciated, Christmas gift .​

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