Christmas Shopping Bargains For You

Christmas Shopping Bargains For You

This Christmas season promises to​ be one filled with exceptional sales and​ across the​ board bargains for​ eager shoppers. With fuel prices running high, interest rates climbing, and​ consumer sentiment mixed, merchants know that they must slash prices in​ order to​ move merchandise. Let’s take a​ look at​ some of​ the​ types of​ sales certain to​ greet price conscious shoppers this holiday season.

Early Bird/Late Night Bargains – Well before Thanksgiving some retailers are already opening early or​ staying open late in​ order to​ accommodate shoppers. A big lure: Get ten percent back/off of​ select purchases over $50. Depending on the​ details of​ the​ offer, you can either apply savings to​ your current purchase or​ as​ credit toward future purchases. Variations of​ this lure include incremental rewards, i.e. $15 off of​ purchases of​ $75 or​ more, $20 off of​ purchases of​ $100 or​ more, etc. Read the​ fine print as​ exceptions do apply!

Friends and​ Family Sales - One big retailer is​ offering to​ their employees a​ way in​ which they can pass on their employee discount to​ select family members and​ friends. By offering the​ same discounts that the​ employee receives, the​ employee will then mail directly to​ select people a​ discount card allowing the​ customer to​ get the​ same discount as​ the​ employee. for​ example, if​ the​ employee receives a​ 20% discount, the​ family member or​ a​ friend will get a​ card allowing them to​ get that discount too [for a​ limited time only]. Many times this discount can be applied alongside of​ sale prices for​ exceptional savings. Let’s just hope that an​ employee selects you to​ be part of​ this plan!

Secret Sales. Okay, they really aren’t all that secret. However, if​ you are a​ holder of​ a​ certain particular retailers’ charge card, you will be invited to​ a​ special cardholders only shopping event. Usually this event coincides with an​ existing sale and​ essentially allows “secret sale” participants the​ opportunity to​ shop one or​ two hours before the​ store opens for​ business on a​ particular day [usually a​ Saturday]. You get a​ “private” time to​ shop, at​ least 10 percent off of​ sale prices, and​ the​ opportunity to​ delay paying on purchases until well after the​ new year if​ you use the​ store’s charge card.

Certainly, not all merchant enticements are worth the​ bother, especially if​ you are unable to​ pay off your charge card purchases immediately. a​ 21.6% APR can eat up any savings you gain in​ no time. So, shop with wisdom to​ reap the​ greatest benefits.

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