Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers Their Dogs

Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers Their Dogs

If you​ have dog lovers in​ your family,​ it’s time to​ think of​ some unique gifts you​ can give them this Christmas. They will remember this gift for a​ long time if​ you​ not only give them a​ gift form themselves,​ but include something for their dog or​ puppy.

To get your ideas flowing,​ here are some gifts you​ can get for the​ dog lover: of​ course,​ if​ you​ can take some pictures of​ their dog in​ advance,​ many of​ the​ following ideas will be even more special.

  • a T-shirt/sweatshirt that says “My Dog Loves Me” - they’ll be proud to​ wear it.

  • a picture of​ their dog framed in​ a​ paw picture frame - there is​ no better way to​ let them know you​ love them: every time they walk past this picture,​ they’ll be reminded of​ your kind gesture,​ and that you​ took the​ time to​ give them something special.

  • a collectible figurine featuring their dog breed - this will become part of​ the​ room décor.

  • a dog lover’s calendar - excellent gift that keeps on​ giving: every month they’ll have a​ new beautiful dog to​ look at​ and enjoy.

  • a nice,​ fuzzy,​ personalized throw to​ keep them and their dog warm on​ chilly evenings.

  • a cooking book with dog recipes

  • dog lover screen saver

Now that you​ picked a​ nice gift for the​ dog lover,​ it’s time to​ find some gifts for the​ dog. Here are just a​ few ideas to​ get your started:

  • a plush toy: be it​ a​ ball,​ a​ bone,​ or​ some other shape,​ dogs really enjoy these fluffy toys. Some come with a​ noise maker,​ but be careful that this toy won’t become annoying for the​ owner

  • doggy clothing: you​ may get something pretty,​ or,​ if​ you​ like practical,​ get something warm for the​ winter,​ so when they take a​ talk the​ dog stays warm.

  • doggy treats are very popular these days,​ and you​ can find them in​ pet stores everywhere. But,​ if​ you​ have the​ time,​ cook some treats yourself,​ and make a​ new friend

  • treat machine,​ similar to​ the​ candy machines,​ where you​ press a​ handle and get a​ piece of​ candy. This will entertain the​ dog for hours and get him a​ treat every time he presses the​ handle. What fun!

  • pampering items,​ like doggie shampoo,​ a​ nice brush,​ and even a​ nice bandana.

So,​ as​ you​ see,​ there are lots of​ ways to​ spoil your dog lover friends and family and their pet.

Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers Their Dogs

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