Christian College Scholarship

Christian College Scholarship: Following the Path where God Leads You
What would be your life after high school?
Graduating from high school is​ the moment of​ truth .​
You need to​ decide on the path that you will follow after your high school life .​
There are some who prefer to​ get a​ job right away instead of​ pursuing their respective college dreams while others will join the military as​ their service to​ the American people .​
But a​ majority of​ high school graduates are still undecided in​ terms of​ what career they will pursue after high school.
However, the most essential thing you need to​ remember is​ to​ do follow the path where God is​ leading you .​
There was once a​ college professor who has earned his bachelor’s degree on a​ Christian college .​
He felt like he was in​ heaven—in a​ place where he is​ surrounded by professors and students who are all devoted Christians .​
They supported him in​ the endeavor he wants to​ push through while studying .​
He had also friends who attended other Christian colleges and experienced the same thing .​
Although attending a​ Christian college will not lead to​ a​ sacerdotal ordination as​ a​ priest or​ a​ soldier of​ God, getting yourself enrolled in​ college where the administrators, staff, faculty, and students are devoted Christians is​ indeed an​ excellent choice .​
They care not only for your education, but also to​ your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs .​
In addition, there were past researches made indicating that students who attend Christian colleges are most likely to​ affirm their Christian faith and strong belief in​ God .​
Probably you are afraid of​ the potential high cost of​ attending a​ Christian college or​ university .​
However, there is​ nothing to​ worry about .​
In fact, there are many students who have attended Christian colleges and universities through the help of​ generous donors .​
Just like regular colleges and universities, Christian colleges also offer scholarships to​ students who are having financial difficulties yet are determined to​ finish their collegiate studies and obtain their college degree through the intervention of​ God .​
There are several steps that you can take to​ receive a​ Christian college scholarship .​
These are as​ follows:
• Spring of​ Junior Year- during at​ this stage of​ your high school education, there are various sponsors that offer scholarships to​ students who want to​ finish their college education on a​ Christian college .​
Most of​ the scholarships offered during this time have application deadlines set on the senior years .​
• January-May of​ your High School Senior Year- at​ this point, you need to​ complete a​ FAFSA or​ the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid .​
You can get these from your high school counselor or​ from the Christian college where you plan to​ enroll .​
After you completed your FAFSA, your ISIR or​ Institutional Student Informational Record would be produced and would be sent to​ the Christian college where you are listed .​
Once the college received your ISIR, they will send you a​ SAR or​ Student Aid Report .​
Complete the information on the SAR to​ receive the financial aid package .​
Keep in​ mind that the best way to​ obtain a​ good Christian college scholarship is​ to​ do your best while you are on your high school years .​
It means that you should have a​ higher GPA, higher rankings from your academic class, and higher score on your SAT .​
Aside from your excellent academic records, you must have an​ active participation in​ other school activities such as​ youth groups, community volunteer programs, and others .​
As mentioned earlier, follow the path where God wants to​ lead you .​
Do not be afraid, through His intervention, your Christian college life will not be as​ difficult as​ others may think.

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