Choosing Your Web Host

It isn’t easy trying to​ choose the​ correct and​ best web hosting plan to​ best suit your needs. Even though there are so many web-hosting companies out there, some thought and​ careful consideration should be implemented. Two things you don’t want are:

You don’t want to​ end up having to​ pay for​ extra features that you realize afterwards you needed.
You don’t want your sites not showing up on the​ Internet due to​ excessive downtime by your hosting providers servers.

When choosing your web host you also need to​ consider your requirements. You will need to​ consider:

How many websites will you need?
How much disk space and​ bandwidth do you need?
What extras will you need eg email with auto-responders included?
How much do you want to​ spend on web hosting?

You should compare at​ least 5 hosting providers to​ see what they are offering. Here’s what you should look for

A reasonable price for​ your needs - usually a​ monthly fee.

Disk space and​ Bandwidth allowance – is​ your site or​ sites going to​ have audio, video or​ downloadable material?

How Many Domains – look for​ unlimited.

Sub Domains – look for​ unlimited.

Does it​ have an​ in-built Website Builder? Comes in​ very handy if​ you don’t know much about building websites.

24/7 email and​ phone support – this is​ important. Not everyone has this.

At least a​ 99.5% uptime 99.9% is​ best

Free set-up – no hidden charges.

Unlimited email accounts allowed.

FTP accounts.

Auto-responders included – you don’t want to​ pay extra to​ add on an​ auto-responder later.

Compare all other special features even though you believe you may not need them like

Streaming Audio and​ Video.
Hotlink protection.
Web stats.

When choosing a​ web host it’s important you take your time to​ compare hosting plans before you make the​ decision. There are some out there that are absolutely useless at​ web hosting, remember that anyone can become a​ web host. Your best bet is​ to​ go with a​ company that has been around a​ few years. Search for​ online reviews on the​ company you are considering.
If you are considering a​ new web host I would recommend you include

in your list of​ 5 web hosts to​ compare. – Visit the​ link. Go to​ “WEBHOSTING” Take a​ look at​ the​ plans – and​ when you make the​ comparison you’ll find that they will come out on top.

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