Choosing Window Treatments For Your Home

Choosing Window Treatments For Your Home

The original “window treatments” were purely functional. They acted as​ a​ barrier to​ the​ cold in​ the​ winter and​ the​ heat in​ the​ summer. the​ functionality of​ window treatments has diminished some what as​ homes have improved but they still remain popular as​ a​ decorative enhancement. Window treatments bring together the​ thematic elements of​ colors and​ designs in​ a​ living space.

Croscill Bedding was the​ first company to​ offer decorative window treatments that matched their bedding sets. the​ first matching patterns that Croscill offered were known as​ “Arsenic and​ Old lace”, coined from a​ popular Cary Grant movie. Historically these first breakthrough ideas from Croscill have made them one of​ the​ most popular names in​ bedroom themes. Today you can get and​ entire decorative motif from Croscill that spans from bedroom to​ bathroom. Croscill is​ also known for​ bringing decorating to​ the​ household, allowing the​ average person to​ elegantly decorate their living area without laying out huge expenditures on a​ professional decorator. Other companies soon followed suit, and​ today you can find window treatments for​ every room and​ any style imaginable. Many companies now offer patterns in​ similar color schemes which can be mixed and​ matched to​ suit a​ variety of​ tastes.

Most bedding retailers offer coordinating window treatments and​ bedding ensembles, making it​ easy to​ find the​ perfect theme to​ fit your imagination. Thomasville offers several sizes and​ styles of​ draperies with a​ variety of​ matching valances to​ compete in​ the​ window treatments industry. Croscill also continues to​ deliver matching draperies and​ valances.

For people who like coordinating window treatments but don’t want too much of​ the​ same pattern, a​ company called RLF Home specializes in​ unique window treatments. RLF is​ known for​ their luxurious fabrics, fashionable designs, and​ creative embellishments. RLF’s Home Line offers 25 valance styles available in​ over 500 fabrics. Their wide variety of​ window treatments can be coordinated with their matching pillows, shower curtains or​ other bedroom accessories they offer.

For the​ smaller budget, a​ company called Victorian Heart offers affordable and​ stylish straight valances. Victorian Heart specializes in​ quilts, but their window treatments have proved to​ be a​ great success for​ the​ smaller budgeted decorating themes.

Another popular window treatment design is​ lace. Lace is​ a​ classic and​ ever popular choice for​ windows. Lace panels are always in​ style and​ are a​ great way to​ get a​ moderate amount of​ window coverage without blocking out all of​ the​ light. the​ most popular company for​ fine lace treatments is​ Heritage Lace. Heritage caters to​ all tastes, offering styles from very traditional to​ chic and​ modern. Mixing sheer Heritage Lace curtains with RLF Home valances creates a​ great looking mix of​ modern and​ classic styles.

Decorating your windows should be a​ fun experience. With so many offerings on the​ board you can easily pick out and​ affordable and​ beautiful mix that will fit your existing plan. in​ addition many quality e-commerce retailers, such as​ aj MOSS, offer all of​ these manufacturers at​ one location, allowing the​ customer to​ deal straight with one retailer to​ decorate their living space.

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