Choosing A Wig Face Shape Guide

Let the Face Shape Guide assist you in​ selecting a​ style that is​ perfect for you. Your facial shape is​ the starting point to​ choosing a​ style that flatters you.

To find out the shape of​ your face, measure it​ with a​ tape measure - and write them down:

- Measure your face across the top of​ your cheekbones.
- Measure across jawline from the widest point to​ the widest point.
- Measure across forehead to​ the widest point. Generally the widest point will be about halfway between your eyebrows and hairline.
- Measure from the tip of​ your hairline to​ the bottom of​ chin.

OVAL - many choices
Slightly narrower at​ the jawline than at​ the temples, with a​ gently rounded hairline.
Try: Most any hair shape works well. Short, medium and long lengths, plus styles swept away from face.

ROUND - add height without adding extra width
Full-looking face with round chin and hairline.
Try: Chin-length or​ longer styles, cuts with fullness and height at​ the crown, layered top, off-center parts.

SQUARE - avoid styles that add width at​ the jawline
Angular jawline, same width as​ forehead
Try: Styles that lengthen the face and add fullness on top work best. Avoid styles that add width at​ the jawline.

RECTANGULAR - avoid styles that add height on top
Long and slender, about the same width at​ forehead and just below cheekbones.
Try: Short to​ medium lengths, fullness at​ the sides, soft wispy bangs.

HEART- add volume to​ chin
Wider at​ the temples and hairline, narrowing to​ a​ small chin.
Try: Chin-length or​ longer styles, side parts, swept forward layers around the upper face, wispy bangs.

PEAR - add volume above jawline
Narrow forehead, round chin
Try: Frame the face with bangs and full layers on the sides and on top, with hair falling below the chin.

There are thousands of​ wigs out there for all types of​ women. Popular name brand wigs include Paula Young, Star Jones, Christine Jordan, Beauty in​ Motion, Especially Yours, NewHair, Naomi Sims, Gabor, and Diahann Carroll.

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