Choosing A Web Site Hosting Company The Most Important Factor

What is​ the​ most important factor in​ choosing a​ web site hosting company? Many new webmasters overlook the​ most important factor in​ making the​ selection.

Some of​ the​ most important factors in​ choosing a​ web site hosting company are cost of​ a​ plan, features provided in​ that plan, technical support, location of​ the​ server, money back guarantee policy, uptime etc. There are so many factors actually. But which one of​ them is​ the​ most important?

Without any doubts, the​ king of​ them all is​ prompt technical support. You can live with a​ higher priced plan, you can live without a​ few less features, you can live without the​ money back guarantee, but can you afford not to​ have round the​ clock prompt technical support? No, you can’t.

Imagine this. You have some technical issue at​ 2 a.m. on Saturday and​ you find out the​ hard way that there is​ no one to​ answer your emails and​ provide technical support at​ that hour, what happens then? You wait in​ frustration. to​ top it​ all, the​ earliest response that you get is​ on Monday morning, which simply says that the​ matter is​ now being looked at. is​ that enough? No, it’s definitely not enough.

Your website could be down the​ whole of​ the​ weekend, do you want that? No, you definitely don’t. Good round the​ clock technical support not only ensures a​ good uptime of​ your website, but also of​ all its associated services like email, ftp, database etc.

What you need from a​ good web site hosting provider is​ a​ true 24/7/365 technical support. Anything less is​ not desirable and​ not acceptable. the​ technical support staff should be available all days of​ the​ week, all days of​ the​ month and​ all days of​ the​ year including all public holidays like Christmas and​ New Year.

Next time you are out looking for​ a​ good hosting company for​ your web site, you know what to​ look for​ first and​ foremost. You know what the​ most important factor is. Yes, true 24/7/365 technical support.

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