Choosing A Web Host

Choosing A Web Host

There are some simple rules to​ follow when looking for​ a​ web host. the​ first rules is​ to​ avoid free hosts whenever possible, it​ is​ easy to​ think that a​ free service is​ preferable to​ paying a​ monthly fee however with web hosting this is​ defiantly not the​ case.
Paid hosting has several important advantages over free hosting. Firstly you will receive more useful features with paid hosting. Technical support will be much better with help available when you need it. Generally speaking Paid hosts will have much faster connections to​ the​ internet so your site will appear quicker. Most importantly with paid hosting you won't have to​ display a​ banner on each page advertising the​ Hosting Company and​ advertising to​ the​ world that you are on a​ free host. With excellent hosting packages starting from $6.99 per month there is​ no reason why you shouldn't go with a​ paid host.

The second simple rule concerns what operating system to​ choose. You will find hosts offering you Windows Hosting or​ Linux Hosting, it​ is​ tempting to​ choose windows as​ it's a​ name everyone knows and​ many people mistakenly believe that because their PC runs windows they need a​ Windows Host but in​ this case they'd be wrong. Whichever hosting package you choose you will receive a​ control panel through which you administer your site these are graphical environments through which you can control many aspects of​ your website from configuring your web mail and​ installing forum software to​ creating a​ database. Take a​ lead from the​ marble halls of​ business most major companies host their websites on Linux Servers. Linux Servers generally runs faster and​ are more secure than a​ windows server. This is​ partly due to​ how the​ operating systems are built. Windows try to​ include every possible function in​ the​ base package whilst Linux allows the​ host company to​ add the​ functions they need.

The final thing to​ consider when choosing a​ host is​ the​ list of​ features they offer. if​ you don't know much about html you can look for​ a​ host that supplies you with free website building software and​ some of​ the​ better ones will even supply free Domain names. You should look at​ a​ number of​ different companies and​ compare what they offer as​ standard with their hosting plans. Technical aspects to​ consider are ; the​ amount of​ disk space available to​ you and​ how much monthly bandwidth you have to​ use. Look at​ how many email accounts you can have the​ more the​ better. Customer support features should not be overlooked check to​ see what their response time is​ and​ if​ it's anymore than an​ hour look elsewhere, also consider if​ they offer a​ money back guarantee.

Look to​ see what additional services they include in​ the​ package for​ example do they offer daily backups? Make sure that they offer support for​ PHP as​ this is​ quickly becoming the​ programming language of​ choice with web programmers.

To conclude when choosing a​ website Host look for​ a​ paid host with Linux hosting and​ then compare the​ packages on offer from a​ variety of​ companies.
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Choosing A Web Host

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