Choosing A Suitable Collar For Your Dog

Choosing A Suitable Collar For Your Dog

Dog collars are an​ important accessory of​ man’s best friend – they include your dog’s registration tags,​ ID,​ and even leads (for leashes). When looking for the​ right collar for your pet dog,​ it’s nice to​ know you​ have lots of​ options. Here are some tips to​ guide your shopping.

You need to​ find a​ collar that will fit around your dog’s neck exactly. And as​ long as​ this is​ the​ case,​ you​ can basically choose whatever color,​ pattern,​ or​ style you​ like.

For small dogs,​ pick out a​ collar that is​ neither too heavy nor too light. For puppies,​ a​ thin,​ leather collar or​ a​ soft,​ nylon collar is​ ideal. as​ for bigger,​ stronger dogs,​ wider and heavier collars are best. to​ make sure that a​ collar is​ the​ right fit on​ your dog,​ make sure you​ can squeeze at​ least two fingers in​ between the​ dog’s neck and the​ collar. it​ should be a​ tight squeeze though,​ as​ you​ don’t want to​ the​ collar to​ be too loose. Finally,​ you​ will want to​ cut off the​ excess length of​ strap because otherwise,​ the​ dog might chew it.

A snap-on type fastener is​ the​ most common replacement for buckle collars,​ because it​ makes for easy adjustment of​ a​ collar’s length. as​ for choke collars,​ they are cool looking but shouldn’t be used on​ younger puppies – gentler,​ training collars are better.

Moreover,​ leather collars are long-lasting and are naturally softened by the​ oils of​ a​ dog’s skin and they come in​ a​ variety of​ styles,​ widths,​ and colors. Nylon collars are washable and durable and are perfect for dogs that like to​ swim and for smaller dogs and puppies that need a​ softer touch. For bigger dogs,​ a​ nylon collar is​ okay,​ but it​ will need to​ be one with heavy webbing.

There are other collars that suit very specific kinds of​ dogs. For surfers,​ there are collars that are made out of​ the​ same material as​ wetsuits! And for those impatient dogs that pull on​ your leash during walks,​ head collars are the​ best option and are often used in​ training. a​ harness can come in​ handy with an​ anxious or​ hyperactive dog as​ well,​ as​ it​ is​ positioned around the​ dog’s chest and ribcage to​ prevent choking – some harnesses even allow you​ to​ buckle your dog into your car!

There are all sorts of​ colors and patterns to​ choose from and most collars come with matching leashes. Because it​ is​ important for your dog to​ feel as​ comfortable as​ possible,​ put careful time and consideration into your search for the​ perfect collar.

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