Choosing A Sony Lcd Tv

Choosing A Sony Lcd Tv

Choosing a​ Sony Lcd Tv
If you’ve watched a​ soccer match at​ any sports pub recently, you’ve probably seen the​ large screen television on the​ wall, with its amazingly sharp and​ fluid picture, and​ gone through a​ bit of​ envy .​
These gigantic displays have come down in​ price by nearly forty percent since the​ start of​ 2018, and​ there are several competing manufacturers and​ models to​ choose from.
First, slightly over half of​ the​ broadcasters in​ the​ UK broadcast digital high definition signals, and​ the​ number is​ expected to​ grow .​
HDTV signals are broadcast in​ a​ standard called 1080i or​ 1080p .​
1080 is​ the​ number of​ scan lines the​ broadcast supports, and​ I​ and​ p at​ the​ end mean interlaced (less expensive, and​ slightly more screen flicker) or​ progressive scan (higher end) .​
By comparison, the​ PAL resolution of​ 352 by 288 is​ roughly one 12th the​ screen resolution. .​

Digital TV displays are typically in​ a​ 16:9 aspect ratio, similar to​ what’s used in​ cinema .​
This allows a​ more immersive display .​
However, not all HDTV displays are made equal; some economize and​ run at​ 1366 x 768 resolution, rather than the​ full 1920 by 1080 standard .​
Typically, those that do are less expensive, or​ last year’s models.
Where the​ models from Sony differ from other companies is​ in​ the​ electronics behind the​ display .​
Sony TVs use a​ patented display colour matching system called BRAVIA which uses real time computational matching to​ bring added warmth to​ the​ otherwise cooler digital colour palette .​
Other places where Sony stands to​ shine is​ in​ its backlighting system, which is​ very robust .​
Overall, Sony’s TV quality is​ excellent, though at​ upwards of​ 50 kilos for​ the​ largest models, you’ll want to​ dispense with the​ floor stand and​ have it​ professionally mounted on your living room wall.
Specific model recommendations are the​ KDL-52X2000, which is​ a​ monster 52 (132 cm) display .​
It consumes nearly 300 watts in​ operation, which is​ amazingly low given its size .​
With a​ depth of​ 13 cm, it’s thick enough to​ hang on a​ wall, though you’ll want to​ make sure that it’s got adequate ventilation .​
We found this online store that sold Wall brackets suitable for​ the​ Sony TVs, .​
It comes equipped with Dolby-surround capable speakers included, at​ 22 total Watts (11 watts per channel), giving excellent sound quality.
For those on a​ slightly more limited budget (the KDL-52X2000 costs almost five thousand pounds), there are a​ range of​ options .​
the​ KDL-46X2000 has nearly identical features, but sacrifices 6 inches (13 cm) of​ diagonal display area, but costs 2,000 pounds less .​
the​ next size smaller has nearly the​ same feature set (losing a​ bit of​ programmability), but is​ a​ mere 2,000 pounds retail .​
Going below that model, we get into HD Ready TVs that support the​ lower resolution mentioned above – they can be had for​ bargain prices as​ many local vendors are trying to​ unload them quickly .​
Models to​ look for​ are the​ nearly the​ same – replace the​ X in​ the​ product codes above with a​ V.

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