Choosing A Samsung Lcd Tv

Choosing A Samsung Lcd Tv

Choosing a​ Samsung LCD TV
High Definition Television is​ the​ new standard that will be mandated for​ British broadcasting in​ the​ next few years .​
With a​ maximum resolution of​ 1920x1080p, it​ offers unprecedented clarity of​ picture, and​ full digital sound specifications .​
There are many high definition television manufacturers, and​ one of​ the​ ones with the​ highest quality of​ product is​ Samsung, with their N73 series of​ LCD televisions.
To date Samsung televisions only support 1366 by 768 resolution – Samsung is​ addressing this with newer models .​
This makes their televisions HD Ready rather than 1080 Compliant .​
As most broadcasters aren’t even using the​ full resolution specification yet, this won’t have a​ significant impact on your viewing pleasure .​
The things that will have an​ impact are a​ number of​ unique features to​ the​ Samsung models.
First, Samsung is​ the​ industry leader in​ dynamic high contrast ratios in​ television, going as​ high as​ 6,000:1 in​ current models .​
Their colour performance is​ very crisp and​ sharp, using 10 bits per channel for​ their interface, giving 12.8 billion colors – more than the​ human eye can reliably distinguish, to​ be honest! This is​ part of​ the​ Wide Extended Color Gamut, and​ in​ combination with their computer controlled textured backlighting, simply makes watching color television a​ new experience.
All Samsung televisions are built with state of​ the​ art 8 millisecond response times – this makes them ideal for​ showing fast moving sports matches, or​ for​ playing computer games at​ full speed .​
If you’ve stayed clear from LCD televisions before due to​ trailing blurs, that problem has been reliably fixed .​
The Samsung models go from white to​ white in​ under 8 milliseconds, with a​ bit slower for​ extreme color variations.
One particularly interesting feature about the​ Samsung models is​ their I/P backlighting, which has 1,316 distinct levels of​ lighting, and​ can deliver this shading information in​ real time due to​ digital signal processing, on a​ near match for​ the​ pixel elements for​ the​ front of​ the​ screen .​
This is​ one of​ the​ reasons why the​ Samsung TVs have such remarkable color, even compared to​ other television models.
Like most modern televisions, the​ Samsung models offer a​ gamut of​ options, HDMI (High Density Multimedia Interface) connections, picture-in-picture, and​ similar functionality, and​ if​ you’ve got a​ Blu-Ray DVD player, you’ll be grateful for​ this .​
(Right now, the​ best Blu-Ray DVD player is​ the​ Sony PlayStation 3, which also looks stunning on these Samsung televisions.
The Samsung models are very thin, ranging from 10 cm thick to​ 15 cm thick for​ the​ largest models, making them ideal for​ wall mounting .​
We do recommend, given the​ large size of​ these things – screens ranging from 80 to​ 120 cm in​ diagonal dimensions, that you hire a​ professional for​ mounting them .​
They’re big, and​ at​ between 35 and​ 50 kilograms, heavy .​
For something that costs five thousand pounds, it​ only makes sense to​ spend a​ few hundred pounds to​ have a​ professional install it​ for​ you!

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