Choosing The Right Playground Equipment For Schools Churches Parks And

Choosing The Right Playground Equipment For Schools Churches Parks And Communities

For commercial use – it​ is​ important that you know a​ few things about your needs before we get started. it​ is​ a​ buyer’s market so there are many different options when looking for​ new commercial playground equipment. First, you must have an​ idea of​ the​ age group that the​ playground must be tailored to. Standard age groups are 2-7, 2-12, 2-5, 5-12, and​ 8-up. Next you must decide on the​ area where your playground equipment will occupy – what are the​ dimensions of​ the​ space? and​ finally, what is​ your budget for​ your playground project? Keep in​ mind that you will have installation and​ playground safety surfacing as​ an​ expense by the​ time your project is​ complete.

So on to​ the​ fun part – deciding on a​ design. There are many different pre-designed units that are available to​ manufacture but more than 80% of​ people choose to​ customize their commercial playground equipment. You can start with a​ simple idea that fills the​ limits of​ your project area—then add a​ slide here and​ a​ climber there, and​ the​ next thing you know, you’ve created everything that you could ask for​ in​ a​ playground.

It is​ also important to​ note that the​ size of​ the​ playground needs to​ accommodate the​ number of​ children that are expected to​ be playing on it​ at​ any given time. You will find that newer playground equipment—with a​ good design—will attract a​ lot of​ attention, and​ it​ would be a​ shame to​ have overcrowding on a​ structure that is​ likely to​ become a​ safety hazard. Overall, you will want to​ make sure that the​ playground equipment has at​ least the​ basics (climbers, slides etc.). if​ you have no idea where to​ start you might also find it​ useful to​ ask the​ kids what they would like. Have them all create drawings of​ their “dream playground,” then you’ll know that the​ final design you choose is​ based off the​ ideas of​ what the​ children want. After all, the​ children are the​ ones that will be using the​ playground equipment the​ most – hopefully.

Once you have decided on a​ design for​ the​ playground equipment you will want to​ make sure that you get an​ estimate which includes the​ cost, freight, tax and​ installation (if needed). the​ idea is​ to​ get all of​ your possible expenses laid out on paper so you will know the​ amount of​ funds you’ll need to​ buy the​ structure and​ have it​ installed. it​ is​ best not to​ do this in​ reverse, which would be to​ get the​ funds first and​ then pinch pennies to​ spend no more or​ no less than the​ budget provides. in​ some cases this is​ unavoidable but with enough planning, you can arrange to​ raise the​ money that you may not have to​ buy the​ commercial playground equipment that your community needs. Playgrounds are very expensive but when everything is​ complete you will create an​ environment for​ children where they will have happy memories which will contribute to​ their well-being now and​ later in​ life.

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