Choosing The Right Dog Bed For Your Pit Bull Terrier

Choosing The Right Dog Bed For Your Pit Bull Terrier

When you​ bring your Pit Bull puppy home,​ it​ is​ important that you​ provide him with the​ things he needs. you​ will probably purchase a​ kennel,​ food and accessories,​ toys,​ etc. to​ ensure he is​ comfortable and help give him a​ sense of​ security,​ you​ should also purchase or​ provide him with a​ bed. Your Pit Bull will probably prefer sleeping with you,​ but that is​ not always a​ good idea. you​ shouldn’t give a​ new pet free reign of​ the​ house,​ for both obvious reasons,​ and for your pet’s safety. Most puppies are not fully housebroken for quite some time,​ and no one wants to​ wake up in​ a​ wet or​ smelly bed. it​ is​ much better to​ provide your Pit Bull with a​ bed,​ maybe even in​ your room if​ that makes you​ both happier.

Before purchasing your Pit Bull’s new bed,​ you​ should think about the​ best type of​ bed for him. One big thing to​ take into consideration is​ how big you​ think he will be when he is​ full grown. you​ will want to​ try to​ get a​ bed that will be big enough for him when he is​ an​ adult,​ so you​ don’t have to​ spend money on​ a​ new one every time he hits a​ growth spurt. Your veterinarian can help with trying to​ figure out how large your Pit Bull may be. a​ bed that isn’t big enough won’t be comfortable for him,​ and he will most likely not sleep in​ it,​ choosing to​ sleep somewhere else in​ the​ house,​ probably your bed. Purchasing a​ bed that is​ considerably too large will likely make your Pit Bull feel insecure,​ and again,​ he will probably find another place to​ sleep in.

The bed should consist of​ materials that are able to​ hold up to​ your dog. it​ should also be hard for your Pit Bull to​ chew and shred into pieces,​ as​ eating the​ bedding material will likely cause him digestion problems. you​ should try to​ train him not to​ chew his bed,​ and provide him toys instead. the​ cover should be easy to​ remove,​ because you​ will likely want to​ launder it​ every couple of​ weeks.

If your Pit Bull is​ a​ puppy,​ you​ will likely have to​ teach him where he is​ supposed to​ sleep. it​ is​ important to​ develop a​ routine and stick to​ it. One thing that will help is​ keeping the​ bed in​ the​ same place all the​ time,​ your room may be the​ best place as​ Pit Bulls tend to​ crave a​ lot of​ attention from their owners. Much the​ same with children,​ putting your Pit Bull to​ bed each night at​ around the​ same time will help him adjust.

Try not to​ place your Pit Bull’s bed in​ a​ noisy,​ high traffic area. Keep in​ mind,​ that like you,​ your Pit Bull will most likely sleep better in​ a​ quiet room with little light. Puppies more so than adults,​ tend to​ have security issues,​ so placing the​ bed in​ your room may help him accept it​ better.

Do some research and shop around so you​ can buy the​ best bed for your Pit Bull that you​ can afford. it​ should be considered an​ investment,​ as​ any other furniture purchase. you​ should consider your Pit Bull’s own individual needs and try to​ accommodate him.

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