Choosing The Right Breed Of Dog For Your Family

Choosing The Right Breed Of Dog For Your Family

There comes a​ time for most families to​ add a​ four-legged friend to​ the​ household. This decision is​ not one to​ be taken lightly. Choosing the​ right breed of​ dog can be the​ difference between complete happiness and absolute terror in​ your home. I have outlined the​ steps I walk through prior to​ bringing a​ dog into my home and I recommend these steps to​ my friends and family.

A good topic to​ discuss first is​ how much hair you​ are willing to​ put up with. you​ are going to​ have to​ deal with your dog’s hair in​ some fashion. He will either shed or​ require grooming. It’s a​ time vs. money question. you​ can always take the​ middle ground,​ though,​ and find a​ dog that sheds minimally a​ couple times of​ year.

The next thing to​ consider is​ how much time you​ have to​ devote to​ walks and playtime? Some breeds require a​ great deal of​ daily exercise. Without it,​ they can become very destructive. Choosing a​ breed with an​ energy level that fits your family’s time commitment can avoid a​ lot of​ behavioral problems.

Do you​ prefer a​ small or​ large dog? When considering the​ size of​ dog you​ must really think about the​ cost of​ maintaining the​ dog. it​ costs a​ great deal more to​ feed a​ St. Bernard than it​ does a​ Chihuahua. Medical expenses requiring anesthesia will also be greater as​ physicians charge by weight. Boarding kennels and groomers may charge by weight as​ well. the​ general rule is,​ the​ larger the​ dog,​ the​ more expensive it​ will be to​ care for him.

What type of​ temperament are you​ looking for? if​ you​ have kids,​ you​ will want to​ choose a​ breed that has a​ reputation for being good with children. if​ you​ want a​ good watch dog,​ choose a​ breed that has a​ natural guard instinct.

After answering these questions,​ you​ can look through any dog breed book and start comparing the​ qualities you’re looking for to​ the​ breeds listed. Write down at​ least 5 breeds that fit your needs. the​ next step is​ to​ research reputable breeders in​ your area (I recommend calling your local veterinarian first) and make contact with at​ least 3 for each breed. Yes,​ this will take time. But it​ is​ worth it​ to​ get the​ right dog. Interview each breeder thoroughly and share with them your list of​ qualities. Ask them if​ they would recommend their breed to​ you​ and if​ so,​ why. if​ not,​ why not? the​ breeder will be the​ expert on​ their breed and can prove to​ be a​ very valuable resource.

Once you​ have completed your research for all breeds,​ you​ will have a​ much clearer picture of​ which breed is​ right for you​ and your family. And,​ you​ have already interviewed breeders so you​ should have found at​ least one that you​ feel comfortable purchasing a​ dog from. if​ you​ don’t want a​ puppy,​ please consider going through a​ breed rescue organization or​ your local animal shelter. There are so many great dogs of​ all ages and breed type in​ desperate need of​ good homes. Your home may just be the​ perfect match!
I hope you​ find these tips helpful in​ your journey to​ finding the​ perfect dog. Take your time,​ do your research and you​ will find the​ companion best suited for your family. Best of​ luck!

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