Choosing A Reliable Web Hosting Service

Choosing A Reliable Web Hosting Service

A web hosting service is​ essential for​ anybody wishing to​ do business online and​ there is​ certainly no shortage of​ companies stepping forward to​ take your business. in​ many ways this huge range of​ choices for​ consumers is​ a​ great thing, but, it​ also means that making a​ decision on where to​ host your websites becomes that much more difficult.

The web hosting industry has seen its fair share of​ companies making big promises and​ under delivering time and​ again. the​ end result is​ a​ minefiled of​ misinformation and​ disappointed customers who often take it​ upon themselves to​ do everything in​ their power to​ discredit the​ hosting company who they feel has done them an​ injustice.

When you enter the​ web hosting arena as​ a​ new customer, you will often face the​ difficult task of​ trying to​ decide just what is​ true about the​ company's you investigate and​ what is​ not. On the​ one hand, there will be aggressive cautions against using one firm while somewhere else you will read a​ glowing report on their services. if​ you are new to​ the​ whole subject, it​ often feels as​ though you are negotiating a​ minefield and​ feel like bashing your head against a​ wall in​ sheer frustration.

Is there a​ simple response to​ the​ question you most want answered - 'who is​ the​ best web host for​ me?' Unfortunately, the​ answer to​ that is​ almost certainly 'no'.

No matter who you turn to​ for​ advice, there will always be a​ conflict of​ opinion arising somewhere along your avenues of​ enquiry. Web hosting is​ like that. it​ is​ an​ industry where some people are almost fanatical in​ their condemnation of​ a​ particular hosting company, and​ often their anger and​ resentment is​ out of​ all proportion to​ the​ situation that brought it​ on. Sometimes of​ course complaints are justified - the​ web hosting industry is​ far from perfect and​ faces few controls or​ official standards. Rubbing shoulders with those crying foul to​ anyone who will listen, are those who wax lyrical about a​ company, when, in​ point of​ fact, they have no experience of​ the​ company whatsoever and​ whose only interest is​ in​ trying to​ earn an​ affiliate commission.

Hosting companies and​ hosting deals come in​ so many different shapes and​ sizes that it​ is​ impossible to​ cover them in​ an​ introductory article such as​ this. However, here are a​ few pointers to​ help you when entering the​ very competitive world of​ web hosting services.

1) it​ seems obvious, but do your research before you buy. if​ you find a​ deal that seems to​ be just what you are looking for, don't let the​ odd dissatisfied or​ negative review put you off. There probably isn't a​ single hosting company in​ existence that hasn't had any bad feedback. Use your commonsense - if​ you find nothing but bad feedback, then it​ probably holds some water.

2) There is​ no definitive "best deal" in​ the​ web hosting arena. What you should be looking for​ is​ a​ package that bests suits you, both in​ terms of​ features and​ budget. Before you shop around, make a​ list of​ things that are important to​ you.

3) a​ lot of​ hosting company's work through affiliates. This should not be seen as​ a​ red flag by any means. the​ hugely competitive market place makes an​ affiliate program almost an​ essential requirement for​ these companies. You will also often find that the​ only way to​ benefit from special deals and​ discount coupons is​ to​ go through an​ affiliate.

4) Don't believe everything you read. Many disgruntled customers who have not chosen wisely, or​ who have failed to​ read a​ particular company's terms and​ conditions, bring about their own problems. This is​ very common in​ the​ web hosting field, and​ many customers try to​ blame their misunderstandings on the​ company. the​ more vitriolic the​ attacks on a​ particular host, the​ more often you should look for​ reasoned and​ calm assessments of​ their shortcomings. Obviously if​ you see nothing but bad press, you should be wary. the​ larger the​ company's customer base, the​ more likely you are to​ find complaints, but the​ law of​ averages will always make this so.

Read through some web hosting forums in​ search of​ feedback by all means, but remember that some of​ the​ invective posted by users often has little in​ the​ way of​ both sides of​ a​ particular story. Pay attention to​ those who give calm and​ well reasoned feedback, not those who cuss and​ rage.

5) if​ you have questions, ask the​ company before you sign up. This is​ also a​ good way to​ see how prompt and​ effective their customer service channels are. a​ good host will offer various channels of​ communication for​ their customers, usually telephone, live online support and​ email. 24/7 support covers a​ wide range of​ interpretations! I

6) as​ a​ new webmaster, you may have no idea of​ how much bandwidth or​ storage space you are going to​ need and​ unfortunately nobody can really give you an​ answer to​ such questions. if​ you are buying hosting for​ the​ first time, don't be blinded by huge numbers, because often they are meaningless. Shared hosting deals are usually perfectly adequate for​ those just starting out. You can always upgrade your hosting plan as​ your business grows - in​ many cases you will find that you won't need to​ do this for​ some time, so unless you are expecting to​ see hundreds of​ thousands of​ visitors as​ soon as​ you launch your website or​ blog or​ are going to​ be hosting huge amounts of​ data from the​ outset, don't worry too much about this.

7) if​ you are hosting a​ business related site, reliability and​ technical support are going to​ be major considerations. Guarantees of​ uptime are not always reliable, but, a​ company should have the​ confidence to​ be able to​ offer 99.9% - if​ they don't, whilst their honesty is​ to​ be applauded, maybe they are not the​ place for​ your business site. Excessive downtime costs money and​ loses you customers. Reliability is​ very important. if​ you are not operating a​ commercial site, this may not be quite such a​ vital consideration but it​ is​ reassuring to​ know that your site is​ not going to​ be offline when people are trying to​ visit you!

8) Cheapest is​ not always best. the​ temptation to​ control your monthly budget is​ a​ strong one and​ there are many very cheap deals on offer. Whilst these should not be dismissed out of​ hand, for​ business users they should be studied very carefully. Good quality hosting is​ not expensive, but neither is​ it​ available for​ pennies a​ month. You will find, as​ with most things, that the​ universal rule, 'you get what you pay for', applies to​ hosting too. Good shared hosting is​ still available at​ very reasonable prices - being cheap may cost you dear.

9) Some hosting companies are geared towards certain specialities. if​ you are involved in​ the​ adult industry for​ example, some hosts will not want your business. it​ is​ pointless to​ try and​ use a​ hosting company who don't want your type of​ website on their servers. It's not just adult sites that sometimes require specialist hosting and​ if​ you think that your online operation is​ in​ any way out of​ the​ ordinary, talk to​ your list of​ potential hosts before signing up.

10) Choosing a​ good hosting company at​ the​ outset will save a​ lot of​ potential grief as​ your business grows. Being cheap at​ the​ start may well end up costing you much more in​ terms of​ lost time and​ hassle a​ little farther down the​ road. Steer clear of​ free hosting for​ any serious business operation.

There are a​ couple of​ hosting companies who, in​ addition to​ their hosting services, also offer monthly recurring commissions under their affiliate programs. if​ you are looking to​ offset the​ costs of​ your web hosting, this can be a​ good way to​ do so and​ even to​ see a​ residual income from supporting and​ promoting your webhost. This is​ not something offered by the​ majority of​ hosts, but if​ it​ is​ something that appeals to​ you, you will find more information in​ the​ resource links quoted below.

The world of​ web hosting is​ often a​ confusing soup of​ jargon and​ conflicting opinion, but eventually you will have to​ make a​ decision. Hopefully these basic pointers will help to​ guide you towards a​ sensible purchase and​ a​ happier future relationship with your hosting company.

Choosing A Reliable Web Hosting Service

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