Choosing The Perfect Retirement Home

Choosing The Perfect Retirement Home

Making the decision to​ move from the comfort of​ your own home into a​ retirement home is​ not one to​ be taken lightly and needs a​ lot of​ thought and preparation.

So what should be you be looking for?

Peace of​ Mind

Whether you are able to​ live without assistance or​ need extra care, you want to​ know that you're going to​ be getting the best and most secure facilities on offer to​ fit within your lifestyle.

Modern day retirement developments are thought out very carefully with special attention paid to​ detail, from the style of​ the property and its natural surroundings, to​ the distance from local shops, hospitals, transport and social aspects such as​ meeting clubs and restaurants. Security entrances, 24 hour care lines, smoke alarms and lifts are generally included and designed to​ make you feel secure and protected. a​ house manager is​ also a​ reassuring presence. Whether you need them or​ not, from keeping an​ eye on your apartment to​ answering any questions you might have, they are there to​ provide assistance.


Special attention isn't just paid to​ the local amenities and facilities outside your home. in​ order to​ live as​ independently as​ possible, you need access to​ everything you'd expect in​ your own home such as​ enough space for storage, right down to​ the types of​ tap fittings used and the heights of​ units. These small details mean that you can continue to​ look after yourself well into your retirement. Assisted living is​ a​ great option for those who can maintain a​ good degree of​ independence and are well enough not to​ need a​ full time care home but need a​ bit of​ extra help. Many retirement developments offer assisted living for those that need it​ while still allowing its residents a​ high degree of​ independence.


To be comfortable, you need to​ feel at​ home, relaxed and secure. This is​ mostly achieved by choosing a​ good quality retirement apartment but extras such as​ laundry rooms and residents lounges also offer you companionship and conversation when you want it​ and fully equipped guest suites for when friends or​ family wish to​ stay overnight.


Cost of​ living is​ obviously high on the agenda for many people. While it's usually tempting to​ go for the cheapest option, that's not always best.

Try to​ find somewhere within your budget with a​ clear cost structure so there are no hidden costs. Various service charges including garden maintenance, water rates, the use of​ the care line, the house manager etc can soon add up causing a​ great deal of​ stress and worry.

You want value for money in​ a​ location suitable for you, with the facilities you need and a​ clear idea of​ what extra charges you will need to​ budget for. Energy efficiency should be high on the tick list too because the more efficient a​ property, the less costly it​ will be.


If you are planning to​ retire it​ usually makes sense to​ choose a​ location where you already have some form of​ connection. For example, some people might select a​ location to​ be near to​ family whilst others might select a​ location which is​ close to​ their friends. Many choose to​ retire to​ a​ location because of​ the countryside - or​ indeed that very popular option, to​ be near the sea. Many people select a​ location on the basis that it​ is​ the place where they feel comfortable and of​ course "gut feeling" may well play an​ important part in​ that judgment.

Finally, whatever grounds you might give for selecting a​ retirement apartment or​ flat it​ really is​ worth looking around to​ see what's on offer. One of​ the best places to​ start is​ by going to​ the largest builder of​ retirement homes in​ the UK as​ they have extensive resources on their website to​ help the retirement home hunter. Happy searching!

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