Choosing An Online Casino 10 Key Questions Beginners Must Ask

Choosing An Online Casino 10 Key Questions Beginners Must Ask

Okay! You are a​ complete novice,​ you have never gambled at​ an​ online casino but due to​ the​ recent media hype,​ your interest has been peeked and you want to​ give it​ a​ go.

Which casino should you play at? There are so many out there,​ that you really do not know which one is​ the​ right one for you. the​ prospect of​ becoming an​ online gambler excites you along with winning some serious money,​ but you are cautious and want to​ choose carefully.

Detailed below are 10 critical questions that you should ask (and get answers to) before signing up with a​ particular casino.

1. What type of​ casino games interest me?

You will need to​ decide what type of​ game you want to​ play. There are literally dozens of​ casino games on​ offer from favourites such as​ blackjack,​ roulette,​ video poker,​ craps and slots to​ games that are not immediately associated with casino gambling such as​ bingo,​ lotteries,​ sports betting or​ skill gaming. Then of​ course there are specialist sites dedicated to​ just poker,​ where you can choose from a​ multitude of​ different game variations from Texas Hold’em to​ 7-Card Stud.

2. What kind of​ licences does the​ casino have?

There are two of​ particularly importance – a​ software licence and a​ jurisdiction licence. All online casinos use third-party gaming software,​ such as​ CryptoLogic,​ Boss Media and Microgaming – 3 of​ the​ best in​ the​ industry. in​ order to​ use this software,​ the​ casinos are required to​ sign long-term contracts that can cost many thousands of​ pounds,​ so you can be sure that these casino operators have long-term stable businesses. the​ most reputable online casinos also have a​ jurisdiction licence from where they operate,​ the​ most well known being Kahnawake in​ Canada. This means that the​ country of​ jurisdiction will be able to​ independently audit the​ payouts and ensure that the​ casino adheres to​ their strict rules.

3. What kind of​ security measures does the​ casino utilise?

This is​ of​ critical importance. You will be providing the​ casino with personal and sensitive banking data,​ so you need to​ make sure that it​ is​ able to​ handle this information over a​ secure connection. 128-bit SSL encryption achieves this is​ and is​ impenetrable to​ a​ potential hacker.

4. How long has the​ casino been in​ operation?

If the​ casino has been operating for 5 years or​ more,​ you can be reasonably sure that it​ is​ reputable.

5. What type of​ payment and withdrawal methods does the​ casino employ?

Some of​ the​ most common payment methods are NeTeller,​ FirePay,​ credit card and bank transfer. Make sure that the​ casino offers a​ payment method that satisfies you. Also of​ critical importance are the​ withdrawal methods available. What are they and how quickly can you receive your winnings? Are there any withdrawal charges? These are all critical questions.

6. What is​ the​ casino’s privacy policy?

Carefully read the​ privacy policy before handing over any personal or​ banking information including your e-mail address. You will want to​ make sure that the​ casino will not distribute any sensitive information to​ third parties. You most certainly do not want to​ get bombarded with spam.

7. What customer support options does the​ casino offer?

Customer support should be available 24:7:365 and be contactable by phone,​ fax,​ e-mail and live chat. This is​ a​ very good sign and it​ indicates honesty and a​ readiness to​ resolve any issues that may arise.

8. What type of​ starting or​ welcome bonus is​ on​ offer?

Look for a​ casino that offers a​ good welcome bonus and does not have a​ high wagering requirement (the amount that you must gamble before being able to​ cash-out). There are three basic types of​ welcome bonus offered by the​ casinos: a​ fixed bonus – triggered by a​ predefined minimum deposited by you; a​ matching bonus - usually a​ percentage of​ the​ amount that you deposit up to​ a​ pre-defined maximum; and occasionally a​ no-deposit bonus – requiring no initial deposit by you.

9. What type of​ loyalty programme does the​ casino operate?

If you intend to​ gamble on​ a​ regular basis,​ then finding a​ casino that rewards regular play is​ important. Often termed VIP or​ Comp programmes,​ they can come in​ different guises. Read the​ details carefully and compare it​ to​ other casino loyalty programmes.

10. What type of​ playing guides does the​ casino have?

The best online casinos not only provide a​ systematic guide to​ help you get started playing at​ the​ casino but also provide comprehensive individual game guides that teach you the​ basics of​ the​ most common games. Read these guides carefully and make sure that they are helpful and understandable to​ you.

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