Choosing An Lg Lcd Tv

Choosing An Lg Lcd Tv

Choosing An LG LCD TV
With the​ explosion in​ the​ popularity of​ the​ home cinema market in​ the​ last few years, advances in​ technology in​ this area has made it​ even easier to​ surround yourself with the​ latest gadgets at​ a​ relatively inexpensive cost .​
One such field in​ particular is​ that of​ liquid crystal display (LCD) TV's, and​ Korean manufacturer LG is​ one of​ the​ leading examples.
With a​ philosophy to​ give users of​ their products both practicality and​ beauty, the​ latest generation of​ LCD TV's from LG are some of​ the​ finest on the​ market today .​
Since LCD offers the​ best picture quality currently available, it's become the​ product of​ choice for​ the​ knowledgeable consumer, and​ the​ models from LG are testament to​ this, whether it's their flagship model or​ the​ lowest-cost entry version.
One of​ the​ ways that LG has improved the​ picture even further on their sets is​ through their XD Engine technology .​
With this feature, you can experience the​ true benefit of​ digital TV – colors are more vibrant, the​ clarity of​ picture on display is​ crystal clear, and​ the​ sound is​ immaculate .​
On the​ LG 42LB1DB model, one of​ the​ company's flagships, this is​ further enhanced with features such as:
· 3D Digital Comb Filter, which ensures softer and​ more natural images
· DCDi High Quality Picture, essential when watching High Definition programming
· S-IPS, allowing a​ wider viewing angle for​ different seating positions
· SRS (TruSurround XT) for​ the​ most dynamic sound quality available
· Intelligent Eye, which will automatically adjust the​ screen to​ the​ lighting in​ your room
Yet it's not just the​ larger LG LCD TV's that benefit from the​ latest technology .​
Even their entry point model, the​ 15LW1R, benefits from the​ XD Engine enhancements .​
Not only that, but it​ also features:
· DCDi High Quality Picture
· Digital Comb Filter
· Digital Audio Surround Processor (DASP), which creates immersive sound
Another feature that LG has introduced to​ its LCD TV's is​ that of​ the​ Electronic Picture Frame, or​ EPF .​
With this ingenious design, users can now look at​ their digital photographs in​ the​ largest way possible, especially if​ you have one of​ the​ 42 models .​
By letting you insert a​ memory card from your digital camera into the​ allotted slot on your LCD TV, LG have given you a​ convenient tool and​ present your favorite photos as​ a​ slide show .​
You can even listen to​ MP3 music using EPF, for​ added relaxation.
With the​ option to​ hang your LCD TV on the​ wall( recommended plasce to​ purchase a​ mount -, with the​ slim and​ stylish design preventing the​ set from looking obtrusive, as​ well as​ the​ myriad of​ features and​ benefits LG have incorporated, there really is​ no better time than present for​ adding one of​ these beautiful TV's into your own living space.

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