Choosing A Dog Things Everyone Should Look For

Choosing A Dog Things Everyone Should Look For

When the​ moment arrives for selecting a​ dog of​ your own,​ you​ should have a​ good idea of​ what you​ are looking for. if​ you​ are primarily concerned with finding an​ average dog,​ we highly recommend your local animal shelter. Not only will you​ be helping to​ relieve the​ local over population of​ animals as​ well as​ possibly rescuing a​ loving little dog,​ you​ just might meet the​ best friend you​ will ever have.

No matter where you​ find the​ right dog for you,​ the​ same basic rules will apply. you​ will find that a​ very young puppy only vaguely resembles the​ adult dog you​ admired on​ the​ street or​ in​ the​ show ring. Older puppies,​ between the​ ages of​ six and twelve months or​ so,​ go through an​ awkward adolescent stage during which they seem hopelessly out of​ proportion. you​ will often get a​ better idea of​ what the​ puppy will eventually look like if​ you​ observe the​ adult members of​ his family,​ (when this is​ possible).

If you​ are looking for a​ puppy,​ rather than an​ adult dog,​ there are various methods of​ picking the​ best puppy from a​ litter. Some advise avoiding the​ weakest and shyest,​ even though the​ runt of​ the​ litter may turn out to​ be the​ best. Some breeders claim the​ mother picks out the​ best,​ so they remove the​ puppies from her and note which ones she brings back first. But everyone agrees that the​ signs of​ a​ good temperament in​ a​ very young puppy are friendliness,​ confidence,​ playfulness,​ and curiosity.

When you​ must choose a​ puppy from a​ litter you​ should proceed by elimination. First of​ all is​ sex,​ male or​ female,​ this will eliminate 1/3 to​ ½ the​ group. Then you​ might consider colors or​ markings,​ next a​ playful and happy attitude. But always bear in​ mind the​ role he will play in​ your life. Do you​ want an​ active playful dog,​ or​ one that is​ quiet and more reserved? Go with the​ one that most closely fits your lifestyle.

Choosing an​ adult dog is​ different. He has already achieved his full physical development and personality. He may also have acquired physical or​ mental quirks. When choosing an​ adult dog of​ unknown past,​ you​ must use all of​ your powers of​ observation. Like the​ puppy,​ a​ good temperament is​ the​ most important quality of​ all. Keep in​ mind that adult dogs are more difficult to​ train,​ as​ they have already been trained by someone else.

If you​ are looking for a​ show dog,​ temperament may be secondary to​ physical conformation. There tends to​ be considerable difference of​ temperament between the​ show lines or​ breeds,​ and the​ working lines of​ certain breeds. if​ you​ want a​ pet whom you​ can also show with some success,​ the​ best solution is​ to​ choose either one of​ the​ breeds in​ the​ sporting and working groups that have not been affected by artificial show standards.

Lastly,​ when making your final choice,​ choose from the​ heart and not so much by the​ book,​ and you​ both will be happier for it.

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