Choosing The Correct Sports Bra

Choosing The Correct Sports Bra

Sports bras are intended to​ provide support, motion control, and​ a​ snug fit for​ the​ breasts during exercise or​ sports. the​ right sports bra for​ an​ individual means purchasing one that is​ the​ best fit for​ your comfort requirements and​ support, accurately fits your bust size, and​ matches your level of​ activity. a​ proper fit is​ important in​ order to​ obtain the​ maximum in​ comfort and​ motion control during exercise.

Many women do not know how to​ choose the​ proper bra size, and​ as​ a​ result are wearing ill-fitting bras. to​ prevent this from happening, measure around your chest, under the​ arms, and​ just above the​ breasts. if​ your chest measurement is​ an​ odd number, round it​ up to​ the​ next even number. to​ fit the​ cup size, measure around the​ fullest part of​ your bus, and​ if​ it​ is​ in​ between numbers, round it​ up or​ down to​ the​ nearest whole number. the​ cup size is​ based on the​ difference between the​ chest measurement and​ the​ bust measurement with a​ 1” difference being an​ “A” cup and​ a​ 5” difference being a​ “DD” cup.

Since sports bras support the​ breasts and​ minimize the​ motion of​ them during exercise, it’s important to​ find a​ bra that provides enough support for​ your level of​ activity. Most sports bras are rated by level of​ activity, and​ should be purchased based on that. the​ higher the​ impact of​ the​ activity, the​ more support that you need while you are performing that activity.

There are a​ variety of​ styles from which to​ choose, but it’s more important to​ look for​ the​ proper fit and​ support first, and​ then look for​ the​ style you want within that area. You must concern yourself with fit and​ capability before you worry about the​ style. Look at​ it​ as​ you would if​ you were a​ waitress buying a​ pair of​ comfortable shoes because it​ is​ similar in​ that a​ waitress wearing ill-fitting shoes stands to​ cause damage to​ her back and​ legs, and​ an​ athlete or​ someone who exercises frequently can cause the​ delicate ligaments in​ the​ breast to​ stretch with an​ ill-fitting sports bra.

Choosing The Correct Sports Bra

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