Choosing Between Free Or Paid Web Hosting

There are a​ number of​ things to​ consider when choosing between a​ free or​ paid web hosting service. Setting aside cost for​ a​ moment, lets look at​ some factors that will help you make an​ informative decision.

The very first thing you must consider is​ the​ intent or​ purpose of​ your website. Are you looking for​ a​ convenient way to​ share photos of​ family and​ friends? Or, are you considering something a​ little more complex such as​ adding multiple pages with different content on each? How about a​ website to​ promote a​ product or​ business?

The purpose of​ your website will act as​ a​ key component in​ determining which type of​ web hosting service is​ best suited for​ you. for​ example, if​ your website will be used primarily for​ personal postings, your file sizes aren’t very large and​ you don’t expect a​ lot of​ traffic, you won’t require a​ lot of​ disk space or​ bandwidth for​ your hosting.

If this is​ the​ case, a​ free web hosting service may meet your needs. Free web hosting services are also useful if​ you’re inexperienced in​ creating web pages. This type of​ service can provide an​ excellent opportunity for​ you to​ learn and​ practice your html skills. You could even use a​ free service as​ a​ test site before uploading your web pages to​ your live website.

Keep in​ mind that most free web hosting services provide limited features compared to​ paid web hosting services, but normally offer enough disk space and​ bandwidth to​ host a​ small website. to​ help offset costs, though, most free providers will place advertisements on your web pages.

With paid hosting, you’ll find a​ variety of​ available plans to​ choose from. These plans allow more disk space and​ bandwidth, and​ usually include a​ number of​ other features such as​ free domain names, free sub-domains and​ unlimited email accounts. Some of​ the​ more advanced common features are a​ CGI-Bin, MySQL databases and​ Microsoft FrontPage extensions.

Compared to​ free web hosting, you’ll also find that the​ services provided by paid web hosting companies are much more reliable, not to​ mention offering a​ higher level of​ customer support.

Cost wise, there is​ no charge to​ register for​ a​ free web hosting service, although you may be required to​ purchase your own domain name. for​ a​ basic paid service, you can expect to​ pay anywhere from $5 to​ $10 per month – a​ very small price for​ the​ improved service, support and​ features you receive.
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