Choosing The Best Hockey Pads And Other Equipment Like Skates

Choosing The Best Hockey Pads And Other Equipment Like Skates

Skates, along with your helmet and​ pads are probably the​ most important part of​ your hockey gear. When choosing the​ best hockey skates, like choosing the​ best hockey pads, you should take into account all of​ the​ different brands and​ find a​ size and​ style that fits you best. Don’t simply buy the​ first pair of​ skates you see, but rather shop around and​ try a​ few different options to​ find the​ ultimate fit.

When trying on a​ pair of​ skates you should have your heel tucked back into the​ heel cup, and​ there should be no more than about a​ quarter inch or​ so in​ the​ toe. if​ your ankles are weak, make sure to​ ask for​ a​ skate with good ankle support. When it​ comes to​ skates you will also want to​ ensure that you have blades with through-hardened steel with a​ flat rocker. a​ flatter rocker curve will improve your stability.

Now on to​ the​ pads… Ideally you want pants that are long enough to​ reach past the​ top of​ your shin pads. if​ your pants are too short, they'll leave a​ small area unprotected which is​ a​ prime target for​ being slashed. You pads can only do so much. Make sure the​ hard caps in​ your shoulder pads, elbow pads and​ shins are intact and​ in​ good condition. if​ you need to, replace your pads on a​ regular basis. Having old worn pads might be comfortable but it​ might not give you the​ protection you need.

When it​ comes to​ your mask, you should spare no expense. While the​ budget option might be cheap, you need to​ make sure that the​ outer part of​ the​ mask is​ composed of​ a​ strong space-polymer material, and​ the​ inside of​ the​ mask contains foam. This design should be able to​ resist impacts while absorbing the​ shock at​ the​ same time. Some cheaper masks cannot offer this, so you do need to​ be careful. if​ in​ doubt, ask your sports supplier, for​ brands they recommend.

The things you don't want to​ scrimp on are your skates, your pads and​ your helmet. Ensure that your helmet has been approved by a​ regulatory commission for​ your own safety. Pads are pretty much standard in​ most leagues now and​ flat lined curved skates are recommended for​ recreational and​ new players. Above all, you need to​ remember, to​ have fun!

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