Choosing And Using Your Real Estate Agent

Choosing And Using Your Real Estate Agent

Choosing and​ Using Your Real Estate Agent
Statistics tell us that as​ many as​ 80% of​ all home buyers will start their search for​ a​ new home by browsing the​ Internet .​
The Internet is​ often used for​ browsing new properties, especially when there is​ distance involved .​
While looking at​ the​ Internet gives a​ general feel for​ areas and​ prices, for​ obvious reasons, at​ some point you will need to​ involve a​ real estate agent .​
Local real estate agents know their areas and​ know about pending building plans, schools etc .​
Often on the​ Internet you can only see the​ actual property for​ sale .​
Familiarity with the​ Internet is​ one of​ the​ key requirements to​ being a​ skillful real estate agent in​ today's market .​
This skill not only speeds up the​ property finding, it​ also means that the​ computer can do the​ compilations for​ you, and​ you can get the​ perfect home without getting out of​ your chair!
One of​ the​ questions to​ ask a​ real estate agent is​ how familiar are they on the​ Internet? Make sure they can contact you by email and​ that they can turn up the​ MLS listings for​ you to​ look at .​
Sit with your real estate agent and​ get the​ virtual tour on a​ couple of​ homes .​
If you are not so familiar with the​ Internet yourself, you will soon realize how much time and​ legwork it​ can save you .​
Often, real estate agents will actually state in​ their profiles that they are Internet proficient .​
This could mean that they may know more about market trends and​ economic indicators in​ the​ business world as​ well as​ having all the​ realty facts at​ their fingertips .​
Many real estate agents take time out to​ attend special courses that upgrade their skills .​
These courses can cover anything from financial expertise to​ selling homes to​ seniors .​
When selecting a​ real estate agent ask if​ he has been on any extra curricula courses.
Check on the​ number of​ sales that the​ office has recorded in​ the​ last month or​ two and​ ask how many are his .​
Does he mind if​ you check on a​ couple of​ the​ 'sold' house owners and​ see how his references check out?
Can you judge his negotiating skills? Does he listen to​ what you actually ask? Ideally, you want to​ feel really comfortable with the​ fact that the​ real estate agent seems a​ person that will understand your choices and​ wishes .​
If you want to​ save time, money and​ frustration, take the​ time to​ find a​ real estate agent that knows exactly what you want and​ who knows exactly where to​ find it​ on the​ Internet.

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