Choosing And Buying Inexpensive Laminated Flooring

Choosing And Buying Inexpensive Laminated Flooring

A laminate floor is​ a​ composite floor with either a​ chipboard or​ HDF core, bonded to​ a​ film of​ wood-effect veneer and covered with a​ laminated surface. Although it​ may look like wood veneer flooring, it's not. Most laminate floors feature a​ photographic representation of​ wood grain and, unlike wood veneers, laminates cannot be sanded or​ refurbished once it​ starts to​ show wear.

In terms of​ aesthetic appeal, it's hard to​ beat laminates or​ wood-look overlay floors. They offer great value, plus they're warm underfoot, flexible and have their good looks last a​ long time. However, the wide range of​ laminate flooring available can be somewhat confusing – to​ properly choose the right laminate flooring to​ buy, you need to​ understand what flooring will best suit your needs.

Whether you're constructing a​ new house or​ just remodeling, laminate can offer unique, attractive flooring – especially in​ high-traffic areas. And if​ you love how real hardwood looks but don’t like the high cost, laminate floors can provide the same look for a​ much lower price. The best thing about laminate floors is​ that they can be installed easily by the homeowner.

Laminate floors were invented in​ Europe and are now a​ popular flooring choice for North American consumers who can choose from a​ huge assortment of​ manufacturers offering diverse styles and colors. Laminate flooring is​ available in​ various plank widths and square-tile sizes to​ suit different floor measurements. The designs include realistic hardwood, stone and tile..

Most manufacturers of​ laminate flooring use sophisticated computer technology to​ develop realistic designs, and the top layer -- the “wear layer” -- is​ incredibly durable. Laminate flooring is​ resistant to​ most stains, spills, burns and scratches.

Laminate floors are “floated” over most common substrates, such as​ concrete, plywood, and even other floor coverings. The planks and tiles have edges that lock together, but aren't secured to​ the subfloor.

There are also some laminate floors that don’t require glue at​ all and simply snap together. Glueless installation makes laminate floors easy to​ install, with no professional assistance needed. Some brands come pre-glued from the factory and only require a​ little moisture to​ activate the adhesive.

Where to​ buy inexpensive laminated flooring

Some of​ the most popular and affordable laminate flooring is​ made by Mohawk, Pergo, Mannington, Wilsonart, Armstrong, Shaw, Quick-Step, Witex and Alloc. Laminate flooring is​ widely available from retailers in​ your area, or​ you can search for flooring online. You can find great deals on the Internet, since many Internet dealers don't have the same overhead expenses as​ local flooring retailers.

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