Choose Your Restaurant In Rome Il Secchio

Choose Your Restaurant In Rome Il Secchio

Choose your restaurant in​ Rome

Choosing a​ restaurant in​ Rome can be not so easy, filled as​ the​ Eternal City is​ with hundreds of​ excellent places. the​ good news is​ that it's rare to​ get bad food. the​ even better news is​ that we've narrowed down your choices. Our restaurant il secchio has a​ wide range of​ flavours of​ the​ roman food.
Rome is​ not only the​ capital of​ culture, history, art and​ charme: Rome is​ also the​ home of​ Italy's most delicious ingredients.

Roman meals normally include at​ least three separate courses: pasta, a​ main course (usually a​ meat dish with vegetables or​ salad), and​ dessert. Meats, though tasty, are definitely secondary to​ the​ pasta dishes, which are generous and​ filling. the​ wine is​ so excellent (especially the​ white Frascati that comes from the​ nearby Castelli Romani) and​ affordable that you might want to​ do as​ the​ Romans do and​ have it​ with both lunch and​ dinner.

In addition to​ the​ restaurants located around your hotel in​ Rome, consider visiting our restaurant in​ rome that cooks the​ original roman cooking called " cucina romana".

Despite a​ sudden rise in​ prices after the​ adoption of​ the​ euro, Rome's dining tabs are still generally reasonable. One important tip: Check before if​ your restaurant in​ rome is​ open, because days off and​ vacations can spoil your dinner in​ Rome.

And remember that family-run trattorias are an​ extension of​ the​ home table. Do not forget to​ enjoy with your family a​ very intimate atmosphere tasting the​ roman food in​ my restaurant in​ Rome.
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Choose Your Restaurant In Rome Il Secchio

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