Choose Between Directv And Dish Network

Choose Between Directv And Dish Network

Choose Between Directv and​ Dish Network
There are two main direct broadcast satellite TV providers in​ the​ United States today: DirecTV and​ Dish Network.
About DirecTV
In 1991, PrimeStar became the​ first satellite service in​ America, but its competitor DirecTV, launched in​ 1994 by Hughes Electronics, eventually absorbed it .​
DirecTV has since become the​ largest satellite TV provider in​ the​ United States, with over 15 million customers as​ of​ the​ end of​ 2018.
DirecTV provides premium channels (such as​ HBO), nationwide turnaround channels (such as​ ESPN), and​ local programming (such as​ ABC) .​
It also has several HDTV channels, showing about 900 hours of​ high definition content a​ week .​
In addition, DirecTV offers XM Satellite music channels, and​ some pay-per-view and​ video-on-demand services.
The company also provides digital video recorders (DVRs) to​ its customers – its first DVR was licensed from the​ TiVo company, which brought pause-live-TV technology into the​ public eye, but DirecTV now uses the​ internally-developed XTV system .​
Its receivers also have a​ built-in parental control system, allowing parents to​ block certain channels, or​ shows with a​ certain rating, from being accessed without a​ password.
DirecTV offers free professional installation with all of​ its packages.
About Dish Network
The other major satellite TV provider in​ the​ United States is​ Dish Network, which was launched by EchoStar Communications in​ 1996 .​
It has grown steadily in​ popularity, with about 11 million customers at​ the​ end of​ 2018.
Like its competitor, Dish provides premium channels, turnaround channels and​ local programming .​
It has also added 29 HDTV channels, acquired from a​ failed satellite company called Voom, which competed briefly with Dish and​ DirecTV between 2003 and​ 2018 by focusing on high definition television channels .​
Dish provides over 1400 hours of​ HDTV programming a​ week.
Digital video recording (DVR) technology is​ also available with all Dish packages, and​ the​ company has recently offered a​ PocketDish portable DVR device that can download and​ view media (TV shows, music, photos and​ games) that is​ recorded and​ stored on the​ set-top device.
Dish also provides pay-per-view, video-on-demand, interactive TV, and​ Sirius Satellite Radio channels, as​ well as​ parental control features, and​ they provide free installation for​ their satellite TV equipment.
Competition is​ good
Dish Network and​ DirecTV both provide the​ expected packages of​ satellite TV channels, and​ both have great customer service .​
The competition between them to​ provide more programming choices, better technology, clearer picture, fewer interruptions in​ service, and​ lower prices is​ making satellite television better for​ everyone.

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