Chinese Swords What To Know Before Buying

Chinese Swords What To Know Before Buying

If you are looking for a​ sword worthy of​ battle you want to​ be sure and choose a​ blade that is​ made of​ high carbon steel or​ folded steel. What’s wrong with a​ stainless steel blade you might ask? Stainless steel blades are nice if​ you’re going to​ hang the sword on the wall. as​ a​ matter of​ fact, they’re often called “wall hangers”. Stainless steel blades simply are not made to​ stand up to​ the rigors of​ cutting and dojo exercises.

Two very popular makers of​ blades that are battle ready are Paul Chen and Cold Steel. Cold steel, although and American Company has most of​ their oriental blades forged in​ China. They have done well in​ replicating the look and feel of​ a​ well made Chinese sword at​ a​ very affordable price. Cold steel has a​ great video that you can usually get for free that shows professionals putting Cold Steel blades to​ the test. You can never go wrong with a​ Cold Steel Chinese sword or​ weapon.

However Paul Chen swords are quite a​ bit more popular in​ the United States and around the world. Most Paul Chen blades are forged with a​ technique called “differentially tempering”, meaning that the top of​ the blade is​ actually stronger then the edge, which means that it’s nearly impossible to​ break the blade when you’re really putting it​ to​ the test. You’ll probably pay a​ bit more for a​ Paul Chen sword than a​ Cold Steel but most people are happy to​ and believe it’s well worth the extra cost.

Another popular brand of​ swords is​ United Cutlery, which are mostly for show or​ hanging on your wall. United swords are usually much less expensive but are very nice for above the mantle or​ a​ great decorative piece for a​ study or​ office.

Probably one of​ the most popular Chinese swords that everybody wants to​ get there hands on right now is​ the Chinese Saber which was used by cavalrymen and foot soldiers in​ the rush of​ battle.

Whether you’re looking for a​ battle ready sword like the Paul Chen Zatoich Sword or​ one just to​ hang on the wall for decoration, you can be sure that it​ will add beauty and appeal to​ any room in​ your home or​ office.

Chinese Swords What To Know Before Buying

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