Chinese Gambling Games Casino Games With Chinese Origins

Chinese Gambling Games Casino Games with Chinese Origins
The Chinese culture has a​ significant influence on​ the​ American gambling industry. Many of​ todays popular casino games were introduced to​ American casinos by Chinese immigrants. in​ this review,​ you can read about some of​ the​ most popular Chinese gambling games that had a​ successful immigration to​ the​ West.
Pai Gow Poker
Pai Gow Poker is​ a​ hybrid of​ American poker and traditional Chinese tiles game called Pai Gow. the​ original tile game Pai Gow,​ which means Make 9,​ is​ one of​ the​ most ancient gambling games that are still available in​ cotemporary casinos. Pai Gow Poker is​ played with playing cards instead of​ tiles and it​ uses the​ traditional poker hand ranking. it​ is​ one of​ the​ most popular casino games worldwide and it​ can be found in​ almost every major casino in​ the​ US. Its online version can be played at​ most casinos on​ the​ internet.
The object of​ the​ Pai Gow Poker is​ to​ form the​ highest possible two poker hands,​ one five card hand and a​ two card hand,​ out of​ the​ seven cards dealt to​ each player. Each player competes against the​ banker that can be either the​ casino dealer or​ one of​ the​ players who can afford paying the​ players winnings.
Sic Bo
Sic Bo is​ yet another popular casino game with roots that go back to​ ancient China. the​ chance game came to​ the​ States around the​ beginning of​ the​ 20th century by Chinese immigrants. it​ can be played in​ most land based casinos in​ Macau,​ the​ US and the​ UK. Sic Bo has an online version as​ well.
The meaning of​ Sic Bo is​ Dice Pair. it​ is​ played with three standard dice on​ a​ special table. Each player places any number of​ bets on​ the​ table and then tosses the​ dice. the​ outcome is​ determined by the​ combinations of​ the​ three dice. Each combination has a​ different payoff according to​ a​ payoff schedule,​ which vary from one casino to​ the​ other.
Fan Tan
Fan Tan used to​ be the​ most popular gambling game among Chinese gamblers but the​ glory days of​ Fan Tan have already passed. During the​ 1890s,​ Chinese immigrants brought the​ game to​ the​ United States. at​ that time,​ every Chinatown in​ American City had several Fan Tan houses that were always full of​ enthusiastic gamblers. Nowadays,​ you can find Fan Tan in​ some casinos in​ Macau as​ well as​ in​ some online gaming sites.
Traditional Fan Tan,​ not to​ be confused with the​ card game of​ the​ same name,​ used to​ be played with any objects such as​ coins,​ dried beans or​ small buttons on​ a​ table with a​ square marked on​ it. Fan Tan. the​ object of​ the​ game is​ pretty simple and odds are 1 4.
The play begins with the​ banker puts on​ the​ table a​ pile of​ objects then covers them with a​ bowl. Each player has to​ bet on​ one of​ the​ numbers that mark the​ four sides of​ the​ square,​ or​ on​ one of​ the​ corners of​ the​ square. After the​ bowl is​ removed,​ the​ croupier removes four of​ the​ objects each time until the​ last group remains. if​ 1 object is​ left,​ then the​ player who placed a​ bet on​ 1 wins the​ pot,​ and so on.
Mahjong is​ probably the​ biggest inherit of​ Chinese culture to​ the​ gaming world. the​ ancient Chinese tile game has many variants worldwide including variety of​ online games. According to​ the​ myth,​ Mahjong was developed by Confucius around the​ 500 BC. the​ game was brought to​ the​ United States during the​ 1920s and soon was very popular especially among women. the​ game was played in​ Chinese style decorated rooms with waiters wearing traditional customs.
The American version of​ Mahjong was developed during the​ 1930s and it​ is​ played in​ America until today. at​ the​ same time,​ the​ National Mahjong league was founded. in​ addition to​ American Mahjong,​ there are Japanese,​ Vietnamese,​ Cantonese and other variations of​ the​ game,​ which vary from one to​ the​ other by their scoring structure,​ number of​ tiles and rules variants. in​ 1998,​ the​ China State Sports Commission had set a​ standard set of​ rules that will differentiate the​ illegal gambling game from the​ skill game.
Mahjong Solitaire,​ the​ online version of​ Mahjong,​ gains wide popularity recently. the​ online version of​ the​ classic Chinese game is​ a​ matching game that uses the​ Mahjong tiles. Online Mahjong games can be found in​ many online gaming sites in​ variety of​ layouts and versions.

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