Child Safety Does Your Dog Have More Identification Than Your Child

Child Safety Does Your Dog Have More Identification Than Your Child

Take a​ moment and think about it. When you​ consider the​ fact that,​ as​ adults,​ we would never consider leaving the​ house without our id. We spend thousands on​ home and car alarms,​ we are even protecting our family pets with microchips; however,​ our most cherished possessions,​ our children,​ leave home without any identification.

Here are some questions:

- Have you​ taken the​ time to​ record your child’s fingerprints,​ gather a​ hair sample for DNA purposes,​ record all his/her specific identification,​ including specific identifying features and a​ photograph of​ your child in​ a​ Child ID kit? if​ so,​ is​ it​ up to​ date?

- in​ the​ event of​ a​ motor vehicle accident,​ in​ which you​ have been rendered unconscious,​ do the​ emergency medical professionals have a​ quick way of​ accessing your child’s specific medical history,​ including your child’s blood type,​ medical provider,​ allergies,​ any medications they may be taking at​ the​ time,​ or,​ even your family’s doctor’s name and phone number?

- if​ you​ were on​ vacation with your children and they became lost or​ separated from you,​ or​ worse,​ arrived at​ a​ hospital,​ unconscious,​ as​ a​ John Doe,​ how or​ who would notify you​ and how would they know to​ do so?

- Do you​ or​ your husband,​ for that matter; carry your child’s specific identification,​
this should include an​ up to​ date picture?

- Do you,​ as​ responsible parents,​ take the​ time to​ talk with your children about child safety?

- if​ you​ became separated from your child in​ a​ crowd,​ would someone be able to​ contact you​ directly,​ or​ even know who your child was?

If your answer was no or​ I don’t know,​ don’t worry,​ you​ are not alone. the​ sad fact of​ the​ matter is​ that children do not carry identification; if​ they did they would likely loose it!

Given today’s world,​ it’s becoming a​ necessity for children to​ carry identification. This fact was clearly illustrated through recent tragic natural disasters such as​ the​ tsunami,​ hurricane Katrina and the​ earthquake in​ Pakistan. With each of​ these disasters,​ we’ve witnessed far too many unidentified children.

When thinking of​ child identification,​ often,​ fingerprints and hair samples are the​ first things that enter our mind. There are far too many companies that profess to​ provide your child with identification.
Let me inform you​ that 99.9% of​ those companies are passive in​ nature.

Fingerprints,​ DNA information,​ pictures and even dental records will and are only ever used after the​ fact. Passive information. Think of​ it​ as​ locking the​ barn after the​ horse gets away. It’s unfortunate that as​ parents,​ we feel that we have done all possible to​ protect our children by having recorded this information. This is​ the​ first step,​ and a​ very important step in​ the​ safety of​ your child; however,​ as​ a​ parent,​ the​ only time you​ ever want to​ look at​ your child’s identification kit is​ and should be when you​ update it. This is​ a​ very important step towards safeguarding against the​ unthinkable. Few people are aware that children’s fingerprints are actually changing for the​ first 4-5 years of​ their life; therefore,​ it​ is​ imperative that this information be updated at​ least once a​ year,​ and every 6 months for the​ first three years of​ a​ child’s life.

When looking for a​ child identification provider,​ keep in​ mind the​ old adage “ an​ once of​ prevention far outweighs a​ pound of​ cure”. if​ all the​ company provides you​ with are a​ fingerprint kit,​ keep looking! One such proactive provider of​ child safety and identification is​ Child ID Labels.

The purpose of​ this article is​ not to​ alarm you​ but to​ inform you,​ as​ we are all aware,​ information is​ a​ powerful tool. If,​ in​ reading this,​ you​ took a​ moment to​ think about your child’s safety,​ please email this article to​ as​ many people as​ you​ know and encourage them to​ do the​ same. Your children are,​ after all,​ your most valuable possessions as​ well as​ our future.

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