Chicago Restaurants

Chicago Restaurants

Chicago Restaurants
Chicago is​ a​ city that has pioneered many firsts .​
These include the​ first planetarium in​ the​ Western World, first atomic reaction, first elevated train system and​ commercial airplane .​
These events and​ facts have played a​ role in​ shaping Chicago into a​ city where tradition and​ enterprise coexists with innovative ideas .​
Chicago and​ its suburbs are home to​ more than 10 million people .​
Also known as​ the​ Windy City, Chicago has a​ distinctive style of​ its own and​ is​ also a​ fast-paced city .​
Chicago can be described as​ a​ restaurant town in​ a​ factual sense of​ the​ term, as​ diners here have the​ opportunity to​ taste cuisine from all parts of​ the​ world .​
The city is​ home to​ a​ wide range of​ eating establishments that serve Mediterranean, Israeli, Italian and​ Japanese cuisines .​
Specialized seafood restaurants, steak houses, burger joints or​ theme restaurants, they are all available in​ Chicago .​

Chicago is​ famous for​ its corner restaurant chains such as​ Pizzeria Uno and​ Georgetti .​
Diners in​ the​ city can also taste preparations by world famous chefs at​ eating establishments such as​ the​ West Loop’s Blackbird .​
The Everest, situated on the​ Chicago Stock Exchange’s 40th floor is​ another unique restaurant.
The city’s dining experience offers multiple moderately priced eateries .​
Chicago has a​ reputation for​ launching stylish and​ original restaurants .​
This trend has helped broadening the​ options for​ the​ diner besides providing reasonable prices .​
Along with these eating joints, Chicago is​ also home to​ numerous celebrity restaurants .​
These include restaurants owned by famous people such as​ Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Willis and​ Arnold Schwarzenneger.
Visitors to​ Chicago have an​ opportunity to​ pamper their taste buds and​ often, it​ is​ a​ problem of​ which one do I​ miss out on .​
Trial and​ error is​ never a​ good way to​ get familiar with the​ dining culture of​ any city .​
It is​ important to​ read reviews that appear in​ the​ local print media or​ on the​ Internet .​
Some of​ these reviews give a​ pretty good glimpse into featured menus of​ various restaurants and​ an​ approximate pricing.

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