Checking To See If You Have Wireless Capability

Checking To See if​ You Have Wireless Capability
Do you know if​ your new computer already has wireless capability? Many new computers have the​ built-in software and​ connections in​ order for​ you to​ set up a​ wireless network .​
These wireless networking devices are so inexpensive that the​ manufacturers of​ the​ computers include them as​ part of​ the​ package and​ can be found on the​ system specification list.
Like most people, however, you may not even know how much memory your computer has, let alone whether it​ arrived already wireless-enabled .​
This is​ especially true if​ you don't know what wireless networking is​ .​
It's easy to​ ignore this detail in​ the​ specifications that come with the​ computer and​ to​ fail to​ take the​ time to​ set it​ up and​ get it​ working .​
Let’s look at​ some things to​ look for​ if​ you want to​ check your computer's wireless capabilities.
Intel Centrino
If you own a​ laptop that comes with something called 'Intel Centrino mobile technology', this is​ what you’re looking for! Unfortunately, manufacturers of​ computers are not good at​ explaining what this technology is​ or​ does .​
Quite simply, it​ means that your laptop has wireless networking built right in; you don’t need to​ do a​ thing! Intel Centrino is​ a​ term used in​ marketing that stands for​ a​ combination of​ the​ Intel Pentium M processor and​ Intel's Pro/Wireless card.
Your computer should have an​ 'Intel Centrino' sticker on it​ somewhere if​ it​ is​ enabled with Intel Centrino .​
If you don’t see this type of​ sticker, you can also check the​ name of​ your processor by right-clicking the​ My Computer icon in​ the​ Start Menu (or on your desktop) and​ clicking on Properties from the​ menu .​
Look at​ the​ wording following the​ word Computer in​ this section .​
It should tell you if​ it​ has the​ wireless feature.
Intel Centrino technology has the​ capability of​ increasing the​ life of​ your computer’s battery and​ allows computers to​ be smaller in​ size .​
If you didn't buy an​ Intel Centrino laptop but your laptop has a​ free card slot, adding wireless capabilities will be no problem.
Desktop Computers
Desktop computers come with wireless capabilities, too .​
If you're not sure whether or​ not your desktop computer has a​ wireless connection, turn it​ around and​ look at​ the​ back of​ the​ computer .​
If a​ wireless connection is​ present, you can generally see a​ small aerial antenna sticking out of​ the​ back of​ the​ computer near the​ bottom of​ the​ computer.
If you don’t see anything there, it's still possible that you have a​ wireless device in​ the​ computer, especially if​ the​ computer is​ relatively new .​
Unless you’re a​ computer expert, don’t open the​ back of​ your computer to​ determine if​ it​ has wireless capabilities .​
Instead, you should probably try and​ figure it​ out using Windows.
Checking in​ Windows
You can easily check your computer’s wireless capabilities by going into Windows' Device Manager .​
You must first right-click My Computer and​ choose Manage from that menu .​
Now click on Device Manager.
In device manager, you will be able to​ see a​ list of​ the​ different devices you have or​ would be able to​ have on your computer .​
Look under 'Network Adapters' .​
Anything that uses the​ words '10/100' or​ 'Ethernet' is​ a​ normal network connection and​ isn’t related to​ wireless connectivity .​
Anything else may be a​ wireless device.
If you think you have a​ wireless device but note that it​ has a​ yellow warning sign next to​ its name in​ the​ Device Manager, click its name to​ find out what is​ wrong with the​ device .​
Windows should be able to​ let you know why the​ device is​ not working .​
The computer may also suggest that you go into its troubleshooter program .​
Try doing that before trying anything else.
The problem could be a​ driver problem .​
In that case, insert the​ drivers CD that came with your computer .​
If you can’t find the​ drivers CD, you can always find the​ drivers online .​
In order to​ do this, you should look on the​ website of​ the​ computer's manufacturer .​
From there, you can try searching for​ the​ particular name of​ the​ wireless device in​ Device Manager.
Unfortunately, it​ could turn out that you don't have a​ wireless device after all .​
That’s too bad .​
On the​ bright side, it​ is​ much better to​ learn that now than it​ would be to​ buy wireless equipment and​ then realize you couldn’t run it​ on your computer .​
In any event, even if​ you did find a​ wireless device in​ one of​ your computers, you may decide that you need even more wireless capability .​
Fortunately, wireless technology is​ getting cheaper all the​ time!

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