Cheap Dvds A Guide To Getting The Best Possible Price

Cheap Dvds A Guide To Getting The Best Possible Price

Cheap Dvds - a​ Guide To Getting The Best Possible Price
It seems everyone loves collecting DVDs, stores are full of​ them and the average consumer owns far more movies on DVD than would have seemed likely in​ the era of​ VHS .​
Unfortunately purchasing a​ lot of​ DVDs becomes expensive quite quickly .​
This guide shows some simple ways of​ minimizing the amount you spend on a​ DVD, allowing you to​ reduce the amount you spend on DVDs or​ failing that get more DVDs for your money.
The biggest factor in​ the cost of​ buying a​ DVD is​ age .​
New release DVDs command a​ considerable price premium over titles that are six or​ twelve months old .​
Consider whether you really need to​ buy a​ DVD as​ a​ new release .​
If you've already seen a​ film at​ the cinema will you be ready to​ watch it​ again immediately upon release? If you have a​ pile of​ unwatched DVDs could you watch one of​ them now and purchase the title much cheaper later?
If you're favorite movie or​ TV show is​ released next week you're probably not willing to​ wait no matter the potential savings .​
In that case there are still things you can do to​ minimize the expense .​
Odd as​ it​ may seem buying a​ DVD immediately upon its release can save you a​ considerable amount over buying say a​ month after release.
The reason for this is​ simple, the week of​ release the title will get a​ lot of​ attention .​
Bricks and mortar stores will feature it​ in​ there catalogs and online stores will push the title heavily on their sites .​
This creates a​ lot of​ competition from stores all wanting to​ appear great value to​ you the customer .​
They offer you a​ hot new product at​ a​ heavy discount and hope you will buy other less heavily discounted items at​ the same time.
If you've decided not to​ buy the title the week of​ release it​ becomes a​ waiting game .​
Eventually the title you want will cost half or​ maybe a​ third of​ its original price .​
It's just a​ matter of​ trading off how much you're willing to​ pay against how long you're willing to​ wait .​
Finding out when the DVD you want is​ on sale can be tricky .​
Periodically checking the price at​ your local DVD retailer or​ favored online store is​ effective but can be a​ little tedious .​
Instead consider using an​ online bargain hunting website to​ help you find which DVDs are on sale at​ a​ given time .​
This will help you ensure you're always buying your titles at​ their lowest price since release .​
Choosing right site or​ forum to​ use will depend on which country you live in​ but Google should help you find something appropriate.
One final method of​ finding cheap DVDs is​ to​ look outside your own country .​
The same DVD is​ often priced dramatically differently in​ different countries .​
This works best if​ you own a​ multi region DVD player, but even if​ you don't you can still buy from other countries in​ the same region .​
For example Americans can look to​ Canada for bargain DVDs and people from the UK can look pretty much everywhere in​ Europe .​
You'll need to​ consider the increased cost of​ postage but there are often good savings to​ be made.

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