Cheap Car Insurance Quote For A Lady

Cheap Car Insurance Quote For a​ Lady
If two people walk into a​ car insurance agency – a​ lady and a​ gentleman – looking to​ purchase cheap car insurance,​ chances are the​ lady is​ going to​ walk out of​ the​ car insurance agency with a​ cheaper car insurance quote than the​ quote the​ gentleman will be offered .​
Why? a​ multitude of​ reasons,​ really .​
Statistics show that lady drivers tend to​ be safer drivers than men drivers,​ and are therefore seen as​ less of​ a​ risk to​ insure than men drivers.
So how can a​ man driver get the​ same cheap car insurance quote that a​ lady driver gets? Perhaps the​ most important change a​ man can make – other than learning how to​ put the​ toilet seat down before leaving the​ restroom – is​ how he shops for a​ car.
The motor vehicle-related accidents that lady drivers are involved in​ often don’t cause as​ much damage as​ motor vehicle-related accidents men drivers are involved in​ .​
a​ major reason these motor vehicle-related accidents cause less damage is​ because they are safe vehicles .​
Of course,​ the​ driving habits of​ whomever is​ behind the​ wheel undoubtedly plays a​ huge roll is​ how much damage is​ caused in​ a​ motor-vehicle accident; however,​ these days car manufacturers are offering us safer,​ more dependable and reliable vehicles than ever before.
Cars today compared to​ the​ cars of​ yesteryear have more dependable breaks,​ air bags for all passengers,​ and are built sturdier .​
These factors and many more help ensure that less damage will be caused to​ the​ drivers,​ passengers,​ and vehicles (at least the​ safer vehicle) involved in​ the​ motor vehicle-related accident .​
Since lady drivers statistically drive these kinds of​ cars more often than not,​ car insurance companies tend to​ give them cheap car insurance quotes.
So,​ the​ next time a​ man driver heads out to​ spend a​ sunny Saturday at​ the​ local dealerships,​ he should have safe cars on​ his list rather than flashy,​ yet unreliable,​ cars.

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