Characteristics Of Fibromyalgia Treatments

Characteristics Of Fibromyalgia Treatments

Fibromyalgia is​ a​ serious neurological condition that causes pain in​ the​ musculoskeletal system. People who suffer from fibromyalgia also feel pain in​ the​ tendons, ligaments and​ the​ areas of​ the​ joints. Another characteristic of​ fibromyalgia is​ a​ pronounced state of​ fatigue that takes over the​ entire body. the​ symptoms of​ fibromyalgia resemble those of​ rheumatoid arthritis and​ due to​ this fact, fibromyalgia may be misdiagnosed. However, unlike people with physical illnesses, the​ people with fibromyalgia seem to​ be in​ perfect health. Although the​ pain reported by people with fibromyalgia is​ present, it​ occurs on the​ premises of​ abnormal brain activity. People who suffer from fibromyalgia have a​ very sensitive nervous system and​ a​ low tolerance to​ external stimuli. Increased nervous excitability is​ considered to​ be the​ cause of​ the​ intense, recidivating pain experienced by people with fibromyalgia.

Statistics indicate that more than 3.7 million Americans are diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This is​ a​ disturbing fact, as​ modern medicine hasn’t yet discovered a​ specific cure for​ this type of​ neurological disorder. in​ fact, although scientists have established a​ connection between abnormal brain activity and​ the​ symptoms of​ fibromyalgia, the​ exact causes responsible for​ the​ development of​ the​ disorder remain unknown. in​ present, fibromyalgia treatments are solely focused on ameliorating its symptoms, instead of​ overcoming its causes. Although most fibromyalgia treatments can ease the​ muscular pain and​ discomfort characteristic to​ all people with the​ disorder, these symptoms seem to​ reoccur on a​ regular time bases. This is​ due to​ the​ fact that fibromyalgia is​ a​ chronic disorder and​ therefore it​ needs ongoing treatment.

Fibromyalgia treatments mostly consist of​ painkillers and​ anti-inflammatory drugs (used solely for​ their analgesic properties). However, apart from intense pain, many people with fibromyalgia complain about having trouble sleeping and​ feel a​ pronounced state of​ fatigue throughout the​ whole body. Therefore, in​ some particular cases, fibromyalgia treatments may include sedatives in​ order to​ correct the​ patients’ sleeping problems.

As a​ consequence of​ the​ fact that modern medicine is​ unable to​ trace the​ actual causes of​ the​ disorder, the​ symptoms of​ fibromyalgia can only be corrected by prescribing a​ certain treatment for​ each individual symptom. Therefore, the​ majority of​ fibromyalgia treatments consist of​ many types of​ medicines that target different aspects of​ the​ disorder.

Other physical symptoms of​ fibromyalgia are: migraines, lack of​ concentration, body weakness, decrease of​ the​ short-term memory, accelerated heart rate, nausea, abdominal pain and​ bloating, vomiting and​ diarrhea. When patients are confronted with these symptoms, the​ fibromyalgia treatment includes medicines appropriate for​ each particular problem. Fibromyalgia can even cause depression and​ in​ this case the​ fibromyalgia treatment will include anti-depressives.

The multitude of​ fibromyalgia symptoms requires a​ multitude of​ fibromyalgia treatments. Due to​ this fact, many people who follow ongoing medication either develop increased tolerance to​ drugs and​ need higher doses (especially in​ the​ case of​ analgesics and​ sedatives), or​ they start feeling even worse than before due to​ the​ side-effects of​ the​ fibromyalgia treatment.

However, there are other forms of​ fibromyalgia treatments that can relief the​ symptoms of​ the​ condition without relying on drugs. These fibromyalgia treatments involve kineto-therapy and​ massage therapy. By stimulating the​ trigger points on the​ body (the places where the​ pain is​ the​ most intense) and​ through the​ means of​ therapeutic massages, the​ muscular pain and​ fatigue can be diminished. Medical experts strongly recommend these forms of​ therapy instead of​ ongoing fibromyalgia treatments that involve drugs.

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