Changing Variables With Controlled Testing With Weight Watchers 1shoppingcart Aweber Examples

Changing Variables With Controlled Testing With Weight Watchers
1shoppingcart Aweber Examples

My company is​ just like any other in​ that we​ test all sorts of​ things. we​ test ad campaigns,​ sales letter copy,​ images on​ web pages and in​ print copy,​ headlines,​ story leads,​ mini-site pages,​ buttons and more to​ see which ones convert the​ best,​ which give the​ best return on​ investment (ROI). But there’s one thing in​ common among all tests,​ and it’s important to​ note: you need to​ only change one variable in​ the​ test in​ order to​ have a​ controlled test where the​ results will tell you what you want to​ know. And here’s a​ prime example…

My Weight Watchers® program taught me a​ new lesson in​ the​ value of​ controlled testing this summer. What I learned is​ that no matter how large a​ company is​ – even one as​ large as​ Weight Watchers® who is​ more than 40 years old and boasts having helped millions - there is​ room for improvement with regards to​ controlled testing in​ their programs.

Controlled testing is​ where you have only one variable that you are changing in​ order to​ get an​ answer to​ a​ question you have with regards to​ your personal life,​ business life or​ any part of​ your life. On the​ other hand,​ uncontrolled testing is​ when you have more than one variable that changes. When this happens,​ you have unreliable or​ incorrect information to​ work with and will not get the​ correct answer you seek.

For example in​ Weight Watchers,​ the​ basic question put to​ members each week is​ whether or​ not an​ average of​ 2 pounds is​ lost by following a​ program of​ logging food amounts and exercise amounts regularly. if​ you follow their controlled testing program,​ the​ food and exercise counts are static; i.e. have set values and don’t change. It’s the​ amount and kind of​ food you take in​ and the​ amount and type of​ exercise you do (and the​ intensity level) that vary.

What this means is​ that in​ reality:

- You could eat the​ same amounts of​ food,​ but mess up your program by focusing on​ the​ wrong type of​ exercise.

- You could exercise the​ same each day,​ but mess up the​ program by focusing on​ the​ wrong types and / or​ amounts of​ food that week.

- You could tentatively do everything right,​ but go to​ weigh in​ at​ a​ center where the​ scales are off (which most are and by nearly 6 pounds,​ as​ they’re electronic,​ moved frequently and often misused with people standing on​ them to​ do entire financial,​ shopping and networking activities at​ a​ time).

In short,​ succeeding is​ difficult at​ best and more haphazard or​ random among participants,​ depending upon their degree of​ perseverance and creativity with the​ program to​ overcome challenging issues like the​ ones above.

To combat all the​ variable differentiations so that only one changes,​ you’d need to​ eat the​ same foods all the​ time (a recipe for failure long-term),​ exercise the​ same all the​ time (a recipe for boredom,​ stagnation and / or​ quitting over the​ long haul) or​ plan ahead.

Planning ahead works best,​ not only in​ Weight Watchers,​ but in​ business testing,​ too. in​ Weight Watchers,​ you can use your own scale and skip weighing in​ at​ meetings or​ get their At-Home kit,​ and you can plan with the​ tools you have to​ measure foods and exercise intensity levels,​ etc.

In the​ business world,​ you can plan ahead,​ too. Let’s say your question is​ why your website doesn’t get you the​ ROI that it​ supposedly gets other affiliates promoting the​ same product,​ maybe a​ 1Shoppingcart or​ Aweber subscription. What you can do is​ back up your mini-site or​ leads capture page (a must-do for everything!) then set up two nearly identical ones where only one thing is​ changed like a​ headline..

After you test your headline and find one that’s best,​ place the​ best one on​ both sites,​ then change the​ order button or​ whatever you want to​ test next. And continue on​ in​ this manner,​ only changing one variable at​ a​ time until your site converts better.

So if​ you are looking for an​ answer to​ a​ difficult question in​ your business or​ personal life,​ test. When you use controlled testing where you only change one variable,​ you’ll get an​ answer to​ your question.

But don’t think that just because a​ company or​ other entity has a​ big name or​ history behind it​ means they have the​ best answer,​ though,​ because they don’t always. They may have pieces to​ the​ puzzle that help many. But it’s up to​ you to​ test their components to​ find a​ solution that works just for you.

Changing Variables With Controlled Testing With Weight Watchers
1shoppingcart Aweber Examples

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