Changing Beliefs Of Tvs Celebrity Big Brother Contestants

Changing Beliefs Of Tvs Celebrity Big Brother Contestants

Ok, ok, so I admit it, I have watched one or​ two episodes of​ celebrity big brother on the​ TV here in​ the​ UK in​ past couple of​ weeks. I am not a​ reality game show fanatic, however, I find it​ fascinating.

One thing that I have found fascinating is​ how different people react to​ others just because of​ what they believed before they entered the​ house rather than treating individuals on the​ basis of​ how they have experienced them first hand.

There is​ a​ young musician from a​ fabulous band in​ the​ Big Brother house called Preston and​ he voted for​ a​ lady called Faria to​ be evicted from the​ house simply because of​ the​ fact that she is​ famous for​ a​ kiss and​ tell story with England football coach Sven Goran Erickson. the​ first evictee, Jodie Marsh, was also cold and​ unpleasant to​ Faria on the​ first night for​ the​ very same reasons and​ expressed that to​ Dennis Rodman in​ the​ house. Neither of​ them judged Faria on how they found her or​ on their own personal experience of​ her.

Jodie and​ Preston both openly stated beliefs that they thought she was not a​ “proper celebrity” (whatever that is) because of​ how she was famous and​ Jodie Marsh actually said, when she was evicted from the​ house last week, that she thought Faria was lovely!! Amazing stuff. When she got to​ know her beyond what she originally believed, she discovered something that was liberating and​ kind instead of​ to​ the​ contrary.

Your beliefs are pretty much the​ rules of​ your life, well at​ least they are the​ rules that you will no doubt be living by. These rules may be what sets you free to​ achieve things in​ your life and​ live the​ way that you think is​ important. These beliefs may well also be restricting you and​ holding you back; they may even be creating the​ belief that you are incapable of​ achieving your goals. or​ as​ in​ the​ case of​ contestants from Celebrity Big Brother, stop you from being agreeable to​ someone!

I wonder how many of​ you are already losing sight of​ your New Year goals or​ resolutions? Your beliefs may well be affecting your degree of​ success.

I believe in​ gravity and​ am guessing that you all believe in​ it​ too. Gravity is​ not influenced or​ altered in​ any way, shape or​ form by my belief in​ it. However, our relationships, abilities and​ possibilities are all influenced by our beliefs about them.

We tend to​ form our beliefs as​ the​ result of​ our experiences and​ then we act as​ if​ they are true. in​ one sense they are self-fulfilling propphecies. if​ you believe you are a​ likeable person, you will act that way, approach people openly and​ enjoy being with them. They will warm to​ you and​ so confirm your belief. We think that beliefs are formed by experiences, but equally experiences are the​ results of​ beliefs.

So this then means that you can choose your beliefs!

Understand that the​ belief that beliefs are changeable is​ in​ itself a​ challenging belief to​ many people because they tend to​ think of​ beliefs as​ possessions. People talk about 'holding' and​ 'having' beliefs, 'losing' or​ 'gaining' them. No one wants to​ 'lose' something. it​ would be better talking about them 'leaving' or​ 'outgrowing' beliefs rather than 'losing' them.

What's more, we all have a​ personal investment in​ our own beliefs. When the​ world confirms them, then they make a​ lot of​ sense to​ us, they are then predictable and​ give us a​ sense of​ security and​ certainty. We even may take a​ perverse pleasure in​ disaster, providing we have predicted it; how many of​ you have used the​ term 'I told you so' and​ found it​ to​ be a​ satisfying phrase? Not because you necessarily wanted anything to​ go wrong, but because your beliefs were proved correct.

Limiting beliefs are the​ major offender stopping us from achieving our goals and​ living our dreams. They act as​ rules that stop us from getting what exists within us as​ potential and​ we all have so much potential that we do not tap into nearly enough. Limiting beliefs hold us back from achieiving what we are actually capable of​ and​ what we deserve.

So have a​ good think about this question; "What is​ stopping you from achieving your goal?" and​ know that the​ answers are very often your limiting beliefs.

Early limiting beliefs may come from childhood influences such as​ parents or​ teachers or​ people whose beliefs we deemed worthy of​ believing ourselves. These early beliefs often stay hidden and​ we do not consciously evaluate them as​ adults. We also pick up limiting beliefs from the​ media. the​ numerous soap operas that take up so many hours of​ TV time set up situations where the​ characters have to​ act out ridiculous limitations, otherwise there simply is​ no drama to​ compulsively view!

Here are some typical limiting beliefs that are amazingly common;

"No pain - no gain."
"I need to​ have lots of​ money to​ be happy."
"I can't trust anybody."
"You can't get over a​ bad start in​ life."
"I am too old to​ learn to​ use a​ computer."
"I never get what I am after."
"Other people are better than me."
"I do not deserve to​ be successful."
"I have reached my limits."
"I need to​ work very hard to​ have enough money to​ live."
"Success takes a​ very long time."

These and​ similar beliefs are only true if​ you act as​ if​ they are. Suppose they are mistaken? what difference would that make?

In the​ process of​ achieving your goals, sometimes just being able to​ articulate any existing limiting beliefs and​ in​ turn noticing their effect is​ enough to​ alter or​ dissolve your old unwanted belief and​ therefore change and​ update your own reality.

It has certainly been my experience that the​ majority of​ people are not usually aware of​ their limiting beliefs. So the​ first step is​ to​ put them into language or​ to​ write them down. Then they are exposed and​ can be examined and​ ideally let go of. There are two simple ways to​ do this:

The first way is​ to​ simply ask yourself what the​ reasons are that you are not currently achieving your goal. What do you think is​ holding you back? Ask yourself that question and​ answer as​ truthfully and​ thoroughly as​ you can. the​ answers will reveal what it​ is​ that you perceive to​ be limitations. More often than not, these limits will be more about you than about the​ world. When they are about you, they are something that can be changed or​ updated.

Now, I have found that when people do ask themselves these questions in​ their own mind, they are rarely honest with themselves, so here is​ another approach that I use a​ lot with my one to​ one clients to​ discover what, if​ any, limiting beliefs you have;

Step one: Take a​ piece of​ paper and​ write down an​ important goal. Have a​ good look at​ that goal and​ really think about it.

Step two: as​ you think about that goal, assess and​ score each of​ the​ following statements;

Score each of​ these statements by giving it​ a​ score out of​ 10. Where 1 means you do not believe this statement and​ 10 means that you believe it​ without a​ doubt at​ all.

I deserve to​ achieve my goal.

I have the​ skills and​ abilities necessary to​ achieve this goal.

It is​ possible to​ achieve my goal.

My goal is​ clear and​ defined.

My goal is​ desirable to​ me.

My goal is​ worthwhile.

Look at​ the​ lowest scores for​ any of​ your answers and​ begin to​ explore them. This can be wonderfully enlightening. Low scores highlight and​ indicate a​ limiting belief or​ that you have not thought about the​ goal sufficiently. if​ you have discovered some doubts in​ some areas of​ your goals, now begin to​ ask your self about the​ reasons you are doubtful or​ what could be making you doubt this?

When you begin to​ question and​ examine your beliefs you can unearth what might be limiting beliefs and​ then you can begin to​ heighten your awareness of​ whether or​ not your beliefs are preventing you from achieving your goals.

Changing Beliefs Of Tvs Celebrity Big Brother Contestants

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