Chafing A Skin Problem

Chafing A Skin Problem

Chafing is​ mainly caused due to​ sweating and rubbing. it​ is​ also caused due to​ friction from body parts or​ friction from clothing. the​ problematic areas which deal with chafing are groin,​ underarms,​ nipples etc. This skin irritation causes lot of​ problems because of​ the​ rubbing and friction. Anyone can be affected by this disease. But people with weight problem are the​ ones who suffer the​ most. These rashes are very painful,​ sore and uncomfortable. if​ chafing continues troubling you for more than two days,​ it​ is​ high time,​ for you to​ see a​ doctor.

Self-Care Measures

Avoid wearing rough-cut and coarse clothes. Wear 100% cotton fabric rather than a​ synthetic blend of​ different materials,​ as​ it​ may cause problems for your skin.

Excess weight around inner thighs and arms causes friction leading to​ chafing. For this you need to​ loose some weight around the​ problematic areas.

If you sweat too much while working out,​ maybe you should work out in​ the​ evenings to​ provide a​ much cooler impact on​ your body.

Always wash your clothes before wearing to​ keep yourself at​ bay from chafing. Dry sweat and chemicals may be another reason for irritation.

Drink plenty of​ water as​ this would avoid dehydration and would allow you to​ hydrate in​ a​ better manner.

Wear loose-fitting clothes as​ it​ keeps the​ skin cool and dry.

Spend good enough money on​ the​ clothes to​ avoid such problems

Women can quite wearing panty hose and men can switch to​ boxers to​ keep your groin area free from friction.

Home Remedies for Chafing

To stay dry you can use talcum powder or​ cornstarch.

Home made lubricant can be made by mixing one cup each of​ a​ & D ointment and Vaseline. in​ that add one fourth cup each of​ vitamin E cream and aloe vera cream to​ have better consistency and good smell. This ointment works great on​ your skin and helps in​ healing and prevention of​ blister.

You can also apply petroleum jelly to​ the​ chafing prone areas to​ avoid rubbing and friction.

Calendula oil is​ anti-inflammatory,​ anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil,​ well known for its healing properties. it​ is​ of​ great help to​ clear skin irritation due to​ chafing.

Zinc oxide is​ an​ inexpensive paste which treats chafing problem. to​ remove the​ zinc oxide you can apply olive oil or​ mineral oil to​ wipe it​ off.

Warning: the​ reader of​ this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on​ the​ home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of​ these products if​ you are allergic to​ it. the​ responsibility lies with the​ reader and not with the​ site or​ the​ writer.

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