Cesenatico Adriatic Coast Italy... Holiday Of Wellness And Sport

Cesenatico Adriatic Coast Italy... Holiday Of Wellness And Sport

Cesenatico is​ one of​ the​ best-known places on the​ Riviera not only for​ its beaches, entertainment places, ancient neighbourhoods, and​ Harbour, but also, and​ even more, because it​ was the​ home town of​ cyclist Marco Pantani.

The vast stretches of​ green land, which open up in​ front of​ the​ eyes of​ visitors, are perfect to​ play GOLF, or​ to​ attend internationally renowned cycle races, such as​ the​ Nove Colli, which takes place precisely in​ Cesenatico.

Pantani began here on his bike, he was one of​ the​ “Nove Colli” protagonist and​ from here became a​ big Cyclist famous in​ all the​ world.

Cesenatico, in​ fact, is​ popular to​ be not only a​ seaside town but also a​ cycling town, there a​ lot of​ cycling event during the​ year: “Ciclo&Vento”, for​ example is​ one of​ the​ cycling fair in​ Cesenatico.
A cycling lover can find a​ lot o f cycling itineraries in​ Cesenatico inland.

Cesenatico is​ at​ the​ same time an​ ancient and​ modern town, with a​ charming countryside and​ really impressing art and​ culture.

One should not miss to​ see the​ Valmarecchia (Marecchia river valley) and​ to​ stop in​ one of​ the​ villages of​ the​ inland, such as​ Santarcangelo and​ Sogliano, to​ discover a​ very beautiful part of​ the​ Adriatic Riviera.

The Flavours of​ Romagna and​ the​ vast array of​ typical dishes of​ the​ Cesenatico and​ Riviera cuisine are sure to​ please the​ most demanding palates.

Choosing a​ holiday in​ a​ town like Cesenatico also means wellness. Its wellness centres, massage and​ beauty treatments are a​ real paradise for​ the​ body and​ the​ mind.

The Hotels in​ Cesenatico provide a​ varied and​ diversified tourist offer for​ adults and​ children to​ spend an​ unforgettable holiday at​ the​ seaside.

So if​ you like golf and​ wellness, sea and​ relax, you have to​ visit this town full of​ story.

Cesenatico Adriatic Coast Italy... Holiday Of Wellness And Sport

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