Centuries Old Beverage Contains Super Antioxidant More Powerful Than
Vitamins C E

Centuries Old Beverage Contains Super Antioxidant More Powerful Than Vitamins C E

Centuries old beverage contains super antioxidant more powerful than Vitamins C & E
If we​ do not find time to​ take care of​ our health,​ we​ will reluctantly have to​ find time for our illness
Lately theres a​ lot of​ buzz in​ the​ news and online about green tea and its health benefits,​ particularly the​ role of​ polyphenols in​ green tea.
Polyphenols are chemical compounds found in​ fruits,​ vegetables and green tea and further divided into sub groups called catechins. There are 4 major catechins in​ green tea of​ which EGCG epigallocatechin gallate EGCG is​ the​ most potent and found in​ abundance in​ green tea.
This compound is​ dubbed the​ super antioxidant because its more powerful than the​ popular antioxidants Vitamin E & Vitamin C. This super antioxidant eliminates free radicals,​ the​ unstable molecules in​ the​ body that are the​ major cause of​ both aging and disease,​ which continually attack the​ body and leave the​ body vulnerable to​ disease.
Free radicals disrupt the​ biochemical processes within cells,​ and our bodys natural defenses become compromised leading to​ illness. Free radicals indiscriminately kill cells,​ destroy enzymes and produce toxic chemicals which cause damage to​ cellular functions. They are highly reactive molecules; their activities cause damage to​ critical structures such as​ DNA,​ lipids and proteins. All of​ which are vital for normal cellular function.
Free radicals in​ the​ body are toxic forms of​ reactive oxygen metabolites ROM. Its ironic that on​ one hand oxygen sustains us and on​ the​ other hand oxygen can be responsible for much of​ the​ destruction and aging of​ our cells. Free radicals are responsible for many ailments including but not limited to​ aging,​ cancer,​ heart disease,​ stroke and arthritis.
Without an antioxidant line of​ defense,​ your cells oxidize or​ breakdown faster thus speeding up the​ aging process,​ its the​ free radicals oxidative damage that makes us age.
Since EGCG contained in​ green tea is​ a​ potent antioxidant it​ neutralizes free radicals and hence is​ responsible for the​ health promoting benefits listed below.
Lower total cholesterol and LDL badcholesterol levels
Increase HDL goodcholesterol levels
Reduce the​ risk of​ cancer
Reduce the​ risk of​ heart attack
Decrease the​ risk of​ stroke
Decrease the​ risk of​ developing rheumatoid arthritis
Enhance immune function
Act as​ an antibacterial and antiviral agent
Help in​ weight loss
Boost longevity due to​ potent antioxidant properties
One cup of​ green tea usually provides 100300 mg of​ polyphenols and contains EGCG in​ high concentrations. as​ mentioned above EGCG is​ believed to​ possess 100 times more potency as​ an antioxidant than Vitamin C and at​ least 25 times more potency than Vitamin E and protects cells and DNA from damage believed to​ be linked to​ cancer,​ heart disease and other potentially fatal illnesses.
Green tea has been used for centuries in​ China for the​ health benefits it​ provides. Were just now scratching the​ surface of​ what green tea has to​ offer,​ new studies come out constantly that provide data on​ the​ effectiveness of​ green tea against various ailments.
The latest research indicates that green tea may help in​ Alzheimers disease by decreasing the​ production of​ a​ protein which in​ large amounts causes nerve damage and memory loss. All of​ the​ benefits of​ green tea can be attributed to​ polyphenols,​ particularly EGCG.
Green tea comes in​ various dosage forms but the​ more popular versions are the​ liquid forms and the​ patch. the​ patch seems to​ be gaining in​ popularity due to​ the​ convenience factor and delivery of​ the​ same amount of​ the​ active ingredient of​ green tea at​ a​ constant rate. Place the​ patch on​ the​ skin and wear it​ for 48 hours and replace it​ every other day. it​ cant get any simpler than that
As you can see EGCG is​ an important component of​ green tea responsible for all of​ the​ health benefits listed above. Recent studies also indicate green tea as​ being effective in​ promoting weight loss.
Green tea is​ truly a​ wonder compound with a​ large array of​ benefits for improving health. Its been around for thousands of​ years and now it​ has finally been rediscovered for our benefit.

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