Cellulite Treatment Options

Cellulite Treatment Options

Cellulite is​ fat that is​ caught between bands of​ connective tissue directly beneath the​ skin that creates a​ lumpy, bumpy orange peel appearance mostly on the​ hips, thighs and​ backsides of​ most women. While not life threatening, it​ is​ ugly, unsightly and​ embarrassing if​ you're the​ one that has it.

Because cellulite is​ primarily caused by fat, reducing the​ body's fat content by creating a​ caloric deficit either by eating less or​ exercising is​ the​ first step for​ reducing cellulite. However, diet and​ exercise do not always give women (and some men) the​ results that they're looking for. This is​ where treatment options come in.

Cellulite is​ located right beneath the​ skin which is​ why many treatment options involve -treating the​ fat, -relaxing the​ bands of​ connective tissue and​ -proper skincare. Treating the​ fat involves both aerobic and​ anaerobic (muscle conditioning) exercises and​ proper diet with some caloric restrictions as​ mentioned above.

There are two treatments that are purported to​ minimize cellulite by relaxing the​ bands of​ connective tissue that "hold" the​ fat. One is​ called Endermologie and​ the​ other is​ called VelaSmooth. Endermologie is​ usually performed in​ a​ plastic surgeon or​ cosmetic dermatologist's office. it​ uses a​ motorized device that that has 2 adjustable rollers with suction that creates smooth and​ regulated deep tissue mobilization. in​ order for​ it​ to​ be effective, the​ client must have several consecutive treatments and​ then follow up treatments for​ maintenance. the​ results are often visible somewhat quickly but are temporary if​ maintenance isn't done.

VelaSmooth is​ the​ newest technology in​ the​ realm of​ cellulite treatments. it​ uses both infrared red light and​ radio frequency waves to​ relax the​ bands of​ connective tissue that trap fat and​ make it​ appear bumpy. It's non-invasive and​ must be done twice a​ week for​ 5 weeks and​ then monthly. the​ initial results of​ VelaSmooth are very promising.

Proper skincare in​ the​ cellulite prone areas can reduce it's appearance. There are a​ number of​ cellulite creams, gels and​ lotions that work temporarily to​ varying degrees. It's important to​ use these topical treatments as​ directed. It's also important to​ make sure that the​ cream or​ gel is​ massaged in​ well in​ order to​ stimulate circulation. Some of​ these products work better than others so it's a​ matter of​ trial and​ error as​ well as​ persistence for​ topical treatments to​ work effectively.

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