Cellulite Treatment Methods

Cellulite Treatment Methods

There are very few people who have cellulite free bodies, and​ for​ some who do have cellulite, they are able to​ hide it​ well. However, there are many people who are unhappy with their body image and​ want to​ do something about it. Sure, everyone wants to​ be able to​ find the​ perfect miracle cure, one that’s free of​ pain, quick, and​ removes all that unsightly cellulite.

There isn’t really any such cure, but there are ways to​ help alleviate some of​ the​ problem. With new technology and​ extensive research, new products and​ procedures are available today that can help to​ reduce cellulite’s appearance, improve the​ tone of​ your skin, and​ also possibly help you shed an​ inch or​ two.

The first cellulite treatment available is​ called advanced keymodule endermologie. Considered to​ be an​ anti-cellulite treatment, AKE will supposedly help to​ smooth your skin while giving you a​ slimmer figure.

During this cellulite treatment you will be given special, stretchy, cotton clothing to​ wear. After you put it​ on, cylindrical rollers will then be placed on your skin and​ gently rolled over your body. it​ isn’t considered to​ be a​ painful treatment, in​ fact, it​ has been said that the​ suction effect actually feels like a​ wonderful massage.

AKE’s idea is​ that the​ process helps to​ restructure your skin’s connective tissues, while stimulating your blood and​ lymph circulation and​ helping to​ eliminate any toxins. it​ is​ also said to​ trigger your body’s regular process for​ eliminating excess fat to​ help tone, firm, and​ smooth your skin.

The process is​ inexpensive and​ monthly sessions are usually suggested in​ order to​ maintain any results.

The next cellulite treatment is​ called vacunaut, or​ vacuum therapy. This process, developed by a​ sports scientist in​ Austria, supposedly promises to​ rid you of​ the​ excess fat around your stomach known as​ a​ spare tire. it​ also claims to​ be the​ only process found in​ the​ world that is​ able to​ achieve very effective, and​ just about effortless, abdominal workout.

During this treatment you will have to​ wear a​ suit specially designed for​ the​ procedure, while walking on a​ treadmill for​ 30 minutes. the​ machine is​ controlled by computerized pumps that change internal pressure, forcing your blood directly to​ the​ fatty tissue surrounding your stomach.

The blood will absorb the​ fat that surround your stomach, using it​ to​ help power your muscles. in​ addition, this fat-enriched blood will be steadily moved over and​ over again to​ your working muscles.

The downfall to​ this procedure is​ that anyone with medical conditions such as​ those that are related to​ the​ heart, circulatory, or​ metabolic, are not able to​ use this machine. Also, it​ takes several months to​ see an​ improvement, and​ it​ works best when used together with a​ healthy diet.

The last of​ the​ cellulite treatments is​ the​ ionithermic body treatment. This process claims to​ be perfect for​ any person who has successfully lost weight, but still help toning and​ firming.

During this treatment, you will receive a​ body scrub as​ well as​ a​ pressure point massage. Any area that needs to​ be treated will be covered with thermal clay, as​ well as​ essential oils and​ pads, that emit a​ rhythmic electrical pulse.

IBT will work the​ areas by using a​ gentle action the​ combines faradic and​ galvanic stimuli, while also using the​ thermal clay and​ natural ingredients that are biologically active.

This treatment claims to​ promote the​ loss of​ inches, fat reduction, and​ also firming and​ toning your body.

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